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19 Teens Who Did The Most In 2017

Slow clap...for teens.

1. Where to start? There was the teen who got pulled over by a cop while Shrek.

ok so I got pulled over on my way home from makeup class...

2. This teen, who had prospective sky-diving partners submit a cover letter to be considered.

Emma Vowell

"Interesting story, my ex broke up with me the week of his birthday, so now I awkwardly have 2 skydiving tickets above the Chicago skyline that expire in November," she wrote on her Tinder bio. "Deadass just looking for a hot guy to go with instead."

3. The students at North Farmington High School, outside of Detroit, who honestly took the best student ID photos.

4. This teen, whose boyfriend made a damn wall poster of her for his dorm room, OK?

Mabel Taveras

Yep, Mabel Taveras' boyfriend Kevin Shaw turned her into wall art. “He always does special things like that," she told BuzzFeed. "He’s just the best in general. I love him.”

5. And this teen, who had a, uh, very creative way of breaking up with someone.


Brigham Young University student Kirsten Titus made an elaborately coded Spotify playlist for Wyatt Hall. His response? A single song titled "STFU."

6. Or how about Timea Post, whose senior portraits were "inspired by the beauty of Tucson," Arizona?

Hannah Gill

7. Seth Moffitt and Cassie Berta, who decided to go to prom as the Obamas.

Cassie Berta, Getty Images

How friggin' cute, right?

8. Elsa Veria-Means, who threw her dog a damn professional maternity photo shoot.

Elsa Veria-Means / Via Twitter: @elsa_means

9. This teen who — sigh — got a hammer stuck in her mouth.

how do u tell ur mom that u got a hammer stuck in ur mouth

She's FINE. She got it out. DON'T WORRY.

10. This teen, who photoshopped her ex OUT and Ryan Reynolds IN.

My boyfriend and I broke up a few days after prom, so I decided to "edit" the photos a little @VancityReynolds

It turns out Ryan Reynolds was a big fan of Gabi Dunn's handiwork.

11. And this teen who said, "screw boyfriends, Imma hang out with my HARVARD ACCEPTANCE LETTER instead."

Twitter: @prizxillas

Yup, Priscilla Samey said she couldn't find a human date for the prom, so she took her Harvard acceptance instead. (JIC you were wondering, she left the letter in the car for the evening.)

12. This teen, who matched her nails to her cat's.

Cristi Hanzel

Cristi Hanzel's cat Wednesday is apparently wearing nail caps and doesn't actually have her claws painted, FYI.

13. The college freshman who used a damn broken hanger to eat dinner.

Samantha Wert

Samantha Wert couldn't find any forks in her dorm room, so rather than go and grab one, she used...a hanger. OK.

14. Carter Wilkerson, whose tweet was retweeted more than any other tweet, in order to receive FREE WENDY'S NUGGETS FOR LIFEEEEEE.

.@carterjwm is now the most retweeted tweet of all-time. That’s good for the nuggets, and $100k to @DTFA. Consider…

15. This older brother who showed up to the birth of his niece in a suit because "first impressions matter."

my sister is about to have a baby and my brother showed up to the hospital in a suit because "first impressions mat…

16. These two adorable teens who bought their principal matching jeans.

Jeff Miller / Via Twitter: @wphsprincipal

17. This teen, who — SIGH — pretended to eat ramen out of a toilet and went viral because of it.

Taylor O'Dore

18. This teen, who made her little sister a shirt to wear the next time she got into trouble for her clothing at school.

Twitter: @bellavillegas_

ICYMI, her shirt says:

Dress code:

• Promotes the objectification and sexualization of young bodies

• Blames the wearer for the onlookers perceptions/actions

• Perpetuates rape culture

• Is B.S.

19. The teen who turned the dick pics she was sent by random strangers of art.

Twitter: @vyzdoravlivay

Turning dick lemons into dick lemonade.

Congratulations teens! You continue to do the ever-living most.


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