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12 Pictures From South America That Show Australia's Bushfire Smoke Has Reached Their Shores

Experts predict smoke from the wildfires may have also reached the Antarctic.

As Australia continues to burn in the midst of the worst fire season on record, smoke from our shores has now reached as far as South America.

Residents of both Chile and Argentina have reported grey skies and bright red sunsets, caused by smoke drifting across the Pacific.


Chile dawned cloudy, but not because of the weather but because of the smoke from the fires in Australia. Smoke is a threat to the Ice Fields of the Argentine Patagonia. The smoke is coming to South America. The world's great media prefer silence #australiafire #AustraliaBurning


Smoke from #Australia's fires spotted in #Santiago, #Chile


Humo de incendios en #Australia 🇦🇺 llegan a America del sur. Asi se atardecia en Salto #Uruguay


This could be a new record on transboundary #AirPollution The #AustralianWildFires smoke reaching Argentina and Chile! https://t.co/sZwV5HHdYP


Australian bushfire smoke reached Chile! #australiafire and Australia's bushfire season is not over yet! #ClimateEmergency https://t.co/ARRQn6armT


Australian bushfire smoke now crossing Argentina 🇦🇷. But “we have bushfires every year...”, “nothing to see here...” https://t.co/5LjgfBEUvf


Smoke from Australia's bushfires has reached parts of South America https://t.co/9RPOBwHUKS


Atardecer “rojizo” en Buenos Aires, provocado por el humo de los incendios de Australia. ⁦@SMN_Argentina⁩


@abcnews the smoke column from Australia fires has arrived to Santiago, Chile 🇨🇱. Today we had a cloudy day #AustraliaFires #Australia #AustralianBushfire #AustraliaBurning


Impresionante los #Incendios en #Australia desde el satélite. El humo cruza el Pacífico Sur con rumbo a Sudamérica


A pall of high-altitude #smoke originating from #AustralianBushfires could be seen drifting northeastward over Chile and Argentina this morning on #GOES16/#GOESeast Natural Color RGB images + the Smoke Detection derived product: https://t.co/SMHmN32IFR


Dear God our awful bushfire smoke has been spotted out at sea near #Chile and#Argentina I’m so sorry guys.

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