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10 Small Ways You Can Help The Australian Bushfire Relief Effort If You Don't Have Cash To Spare

If you're feeling helpless, these suggestions might help.

Our country is on fire, and if you're like me, you may be watching afar in safety, feeling utterly helpless and at a loss about what to do.

Far and away, the most helpful thing we're being told we can do is to donate to the services on the front lines.

However, if you want to do more or aren't in a position to make a lump sum donation, here are 10 ideas for what you can do to help the bushfire relief effort.

1. Organise a sewing bee and sew a CFA-approved cooling necktie or two.

2. Shop from businesses that are donating a percentage of profits to our firies.

3. Hold your breath, count to 10, and donate blood.

4. Adopt a koala.

5. Support the rural businesses affected by the fires.

Morgana Fire, Dee Morgan / Via Facebook: search

There are people who are not able to work on account of being forced out of their homes, their storefronts, and their towns. You can do your small part in getting these people back on their feet by shopping from fire-affected rural businesses where possible.

Morgana Fire, based in Paddy's River, has the most beautiful handmade ceramics. Though it has no access to a post office currently, you can show your support in advance here. Vinteloper, Petaluma, and Bird in Hand Winery are just a few wineries affected by the fires — click through to stock up on their wine (you were due a run to the bottle-o anyway).

6. Vacation in affected areas *later* this year.

7. Offer a bed to those displaced by the fires.

Allison Marion

Set up to help evacuees of the bushfire crisis, FIndabed is helping Australians and their animals find beds and homes where they can spend the coming days and weeks. Register your home or paddock here.

Airbnb is likewise offering free, temporary housing to those in need of accommodation in affected areas, including evacuees and relief workers. Register your spare room or home here.

8. Join second-responder efforts to help affected communities rebuild.

9. Donate essential items, including food, clothing, and furniture.

10. And finally, talk about what’s happening.

If you own a business that has been affected by the fires, drop its website in the comments below so that our readers in a position to help can.

Jenny Evans / Stringer / Via Getty Images

All our love — stay safe.

Note: If you do choose to donate to organisations, please be sure to verify the authenticity of accounts — make sure your money is going where it's needed.