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    22 Cheeky Things That Australians Will Recognise As Romance, But The Rest Of The World Will Be Appalled By

    Romance takes on a whole new meaning Down Under.

    1. This local approach to exchanging heartfelt words of adoration.

    in australia we don't say "i love you" we say "fuck off cunt or ill smash ya" and i think it's truly beautiful

    Twitter: @bitchlasange

    2. This quintessential date night for a young couple in the throws of the honeymoon period.

    3. This spicy shiela with romance in her sights.

    @ddball Went on a date with a Australian girl once who had "Fuck Off" tattooed on her eye lids...

    Twitter: @_CharlieWilson

    4. This (concerningly) accurate depiction of a post-coitus activity.

    i imagine dating an australian is like normal except 10 minutes after fucking they say we have to go to bunnings for some things right now

    Twitter: @spacetwinks

    5. This utterly intoxicating swearword that Aussies litter through every sentence.

    Nothing is more romantic than Australians saying cunt change my mind.

    Twitter: @JarrenSmith97

    6. This first-date story that mirrors most Aussies' experiences with goon in a romantic setting.

    Valentine's Day, he got super drunk off a goon bag and yacked all over the pavement in front of me. I had to lend him my jacket because he was shivering real bad then helped him into a taxi when he could stand again 🀒

    Twitter: @s0ybeancake

    7. This exceptionally Australian alternative to the classic bouquet of flowers: Lantana in an empty beer tin.

    8. This date-night cocktail that keeps the nation's love of coffee front and centre.

    Australians call it Latte Martini. A must for romantic date.

    Twitter: @kelvin_yli

    9. This double serving of Aussie bubbles that only gets pulled out for the finest occasions.

    10. This heartfelt sacrifice that proves actions really do speak louder than words.

    @ajobbins "you can have the last tim tam" is how australians say "I love you".

    Twitter: @domusquercus

    11. This touching Valentine's dedication from a top bloke named Bob.

    Who says Australians aren't romantic? #straya #valentines

    Twitter: @philmvella

    12. This act of heroism that proves chivalry ain't dead.

    dating an australian guy is literally so weird because i’ll be scared to kill house spiders, meanwhile he’ll be like β€œOI did ya see that fucken massive scorpion i found in ma backyaurd yesteday? fucken bonkers, man.”

    Twitter: @quakeverse

    13. This delightful turn of phrase that you can expect to be treated to when dating an Australian man.

    dating an Australian is hilarious he says things like "get amongst your pillow" and "you have so good hair" and he calls tampons "tamdogs"

    Twitter: @imteddybless

    14. This ~fun fact~ that remains a metaphor for the preferences of Australian men.

    The Australian jewel beetle nearly went extinct because it kept trying to have sex with discarded beer bottles, preferring them to actual potential female mates

    Twitter: @zermatist

    15. This sexy, casual attire that many men will insist on wearing, no matter the dress code.

    Why do Australian men insist on wearing bootcut jeans and flip flops ALL THE TIME?

    Twitter: @CharlotteBella
    Twitter / @craigo71 / Via Twitter: @Craigo71

    16. This cheeky trick that turns a folded $5 note into a depressed whale sucking a massive dick β€” a most subtle suggestion to hand to your partner.

    Imgur / Via

    17. This frequently uttered phrase on Australian dating shows.

    Only Australian dating shows manage to work the phrase 'Cheap bag of goon' into the dates. #WLCTT

    Twitter: @FlossAus

    18. This gorgeous bouquet of native flora with a native spread.

    Facebook @Vegemite @lulubird / Via Twitter: @vegemite

    19. This saucy act of foreplay that would get anyone feeling hot and bothered.

    Twitter: @st_RAY_aah

    20. This absolute masterpiece in cocktail making, that's the only acceptable date bevvie from here on out.

    Instagram @pjsinthecity / Via

    21. This perfectly legitimate date for a couple of loved-up Aussies.

    #youknowyoureaustralianwhen it's completely acceptable to take someone on a date to bunnings for the sausage sizzle...

    Twitter: @RagingNickie

    22. And finally, this breathtakingly romantic card that would make even the biggest of cynics weak at the knees.

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