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The Whale Dick Trick Still Works With The New $5 Note

Take note.

Australians have long celebrated the fact that by folding a $5 note in the right place, the Queen's body looks a lot like a depressed whale sucking a massive dick.

With the announcement of the new note design, gobbie enthusiasts were anxious to find out if the trick would still work.

As long as you can still fold the queen into a killer whale giving a BJ I don't care what they do to the rest of the $5 note

Rest assured, it still does.

And everyone's stoked.

the RBA decides to change the $5 note but still keeps the whale chomping on a dick feature I'm amazed

the important thing is that the new $5 note still allows for the classic 'sad whale blowjob' fold

RBA: we want a new $5 note DESIGNER: sure first things first i'll make it impossible to do the whale blowjob trick RBA: whoah hang on

Great work, everyone.

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