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    A Moment Of Silence For The Nightmare Fuel That Was The American "Kath & Kim"

    This was disrespect of the highest order.

    If you're Australian, you know what Kath & Kim is.


    It's not a statement I make lightly — the TV series is so deeply woven into the fabric of Australian culture that Aussies are still regularly quoting it, some 20 years on from when it first aired.

    It is a national treasure — a shining, hallowed contribution to our cooked culture and a reflection of the very best of Australian humour.


    Which is what makes this travesty all the more unbearable.


    Yes, that's right, you're staring into the face of Satan's mistress — the American remake of Kath & Kim.

    Following the huge success of the O.G. series, NBC announced a US version would air in 2008 — with the intent of repeating the success they'd found adapting The Office. But in doing so, definitively proved that Americans will never understand the Australian sense of humour.

    My brain: American Kath & Kim cant hurt you American Kath & Kim:

    Twitter: @weylandyuutani

    The series was fronted by SNL alumna, Molly Shannon as Kath and Selma Blair as Kim. While both are tremendously talented, it's safe to say that this was not their finest work.

    Set in Central Florida, the remake had roughly the same premise on paper, but — like the American version of Tim Tams — it left a bad taste in viewers' mouths.

    Watched the American Verson of ''Kath & Kim'' on TV Last Night...Sooooo Bad!!!!


    Remember when they did an American remake of Kath & Kim and it was w/ Molly Shannon and Selma Blair so there was a brief moment of hope they wouldn’t completely ruin it... and then it was fucking terrible like every American remake 🎉

    Twitter: @ripkaitlin

    just watched the American version of Kath & Kim. Still so amazed at how awful it is compared to the Australian (ORIGINAL) version.

    Twitter: @laurababbili

    The American Kath & Kim is soooo bad. I can't watch it, it's painful!

    Twitter: @karawr

    In fact, the remake was so poorly received in Australia that the network was forced to take it off air after a single episode — and replace it with reruns of the original.

    #youknowyoureaustralianwhen you remember that the american spoof of Kath&Kim was so bad it only aired one episode and then was cancelled


    So RIP, you sacrilegious, unworthy comparison to a true Australian masterpiece. May you never again rise from the ashes of mediocrity and haunt us.

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