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    Here's What Happened When We Tried That Pizza Box Made Out Of Pizza

    I'm not full, you are.

    Pizza is the best. What's better than pizza? Pizza in a pizza box made of pizza!!!

    Behold! The pizza in a pizza box made of pizza, direct from Vinnie's Pizzeria in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

    This was us when we first encountered the Pizza in a Pizza Box Made Out of Pizza in da wild.

    The Great Unboxing.

    Thassa lotta pizza pies!

    The top box layer is garlic bread, and it's very delicious.

    The actual pizza inside the "box" is pepperoni (though I'm sure you could special order your fave flavor).

    And the bottom o' da box? Sicilian pizza! SO MUCH FLAVOR.


    In conclusion: Pizza Box Made Out of Pizza Is Great. That is all.

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