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    32 Sex Products For Almost Every Situation

    Someone's thought of it, trust me.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    Whether you feel bored with your sex life or have a specific problem, good news! It's probably not as unfixable as you think it is.

    There are so many great sex-related products out there in general, but if you have any particular needs, here are things you can buy to address each one:

    Penetrative sex is painful for you.

    Babeland / Via, Ohnut / Via, Foria / Via

    There could be lots of reasons for painful sex, from not using enough lube to dealing with vaginismus, the involuntary contraction of your vaginal muscles.

    If it's the latter, a doctor may diagnose you after conducting a pelvic exam and suggest sex therapy. Along with that, you can try a dilator set ($84.99 at Lovehoney), which gradually stretches your vaginal muscles.

    If the issue is more depth-related, you can have your partner wear an Ohnut ($65) which controls their level of penetration.

    Another possibility is CBD lubricant ($50 at Fleur Marche), which can reduce discomfort as well.

    And if none of these help, try speaking with a sex therapist about other options.

    You want to wait a little longer before orgasming.

    Walgreens / Via, Lovehoney / Via

    Having to deliberately think unsexy thoughts to hold off on orgasming is such an unnecessary buzzkill, especially when you have way better options.

    For one, condoms in general are great for delayed orgasms, but you can also look into climax control condoms, ($7.99 from Amazon) which come with a mildly numbing lubricant to ~extend your pleasure~.

    Another genius hack? A stretchy ring (like this $5.99 one from Lovehoney) restricts blood flow in the penis (it also maintains a harder erection in general, if that's your thing!)

    You have roommates (and thin walls.)


    Hitachi wands are great and all–except when you live with three people and your go-to vibrator is literally louder than the construction outside. But that doesn't mean you're doomed to a masturbation-less life. Look for "whisper-quiet" vibrators ($24.99, Lovehoney) — such as clitoral stimulators ($119.99 from Lovehoney). Even some rabbit vibes ($89.99, Lovehoney) boast discreetness, so you have options!

    You want you or your partner to go ~deeper~.

    Sportsheets / Via, Liberator / Via

    Investing in a doggie-style strap ($21 from Sportsheets) or adjustable position enhancer ($36 from Liberator) can bring you closer, literally and also probably emotionally?

    Vaginal penetration alone doesn't do much for you.

    Lovehoney / Via, Lovehoney / Via

    First off: You're not alone, as more people need clitoral stimulation to orgasm than people who are good with just vaginal penetration.

    To close that orgasm gap a lil for vaginal penetration, you can try a couples vibrator like a We-Vibe ($139 on Lovehoney). You insert part of it (use lube!) while the vibrator rests snugly on your clit during sex.

    If that's a little out of your budget or comfort zone, you can also just start off with a vibrating ring (such as this $44.99 one from Lovehoney) — they come in pretty much endless styles and price ranges.

    You have a bit of a height difference.

    Lovehoney / Via, Liberator / Via

    Whether you feel a little misaligned or just want to hit it in a new angle, you can try a door jam sex swing ($59.99 on Lovehoney). It can feel scary at first but the swing is fully secure, promise!

    A more low-key fix is getting a wedge pillow ($98 from Liberator) or even stacking a bunch of pillows on top of each other to reach new heights in your sex life.

    You're in a long-distance relationship.


    LDRs can be tough on the sex life, but thankfully we live in a time where WiFi-controlled toys exist! Everything from panty vibrators ($124.99, Lovehoney) to powerful wands ($179.99, Lovehoney) can be played with, regardless of your time zones. You can also get a We-Vibe ($199.99 at Lovehoney) that you can also use once you can finally be physically near each other.

    A lot of these options are on the expensive side, so another option is to simply FaceTime each other with your favorite respective toys!

    Your tiny shower zaps all the sexiness out of sex.

    Sportsheets / Via, Lovehoney / Via, Babeland / Via|silicone%2Blube|a|3|c|0|-relevance|search_page|0

    Bummed that your fave sex memories always involve boning in hotel showers while yours is basically a glass box? There are a few workarounds! You can get a suction shower handle ($16.99 from Sportsheets) to have something to hold on to or invest in a waterproof vibrator ($12.99 from Lovehoney).

    Also, pro-tip: if you find penetrative sex especially chafe-y in the shower, use silicone lube ($1.50 from Babeland) over water-based, which stays on longer when in contact with water.

    When you can go on vacation again, you want a discreet, easy-to-store toy that won't accidentally turn on in the middle of the security checkout.

    Lovehoney / Via, Lovehoney / Via, Spectrum Boutique / Via

    Even your packed duffel can probably squeeze in a travel-sized oral sex stimulator ($99.99 from Lovehoney) or mini wand vibrator ($22.99, Lovehoney). You can also look for toys that have travel locks so you can be extra extra sure it won't turn on.

    And if the whole point of vacation is to have adventurous vacation sex, you can even bring silicone handcuffs ($11 from Spectrum Boutique), which are teeny and don't come with any keys for you to lose in your hotel.

    You p much only do quickies lately and feel a lil disconnected.

    Babeland / Via|massage%2Boil%2Bcandle|a|2|c|0|-relevance|search_page|0, 1906 / Via, Lovehoney / Via

    Give yourselves the ultimate spa treatment with a scented candle that doubles as hot massage oil ($14 from Babeland).

    And to really boost the relaxation, you can pop a cannabis chocolate (1906's prices vary depending on the vendor, since weed products are not legal everywhere) or throw on a comfy blindfold ($9.99 from Lovehoney).

    You love your go-to routine, but you're kinda bored!

    Lovehoney / Via, Lovehoney / Via, Lovehoney / Via, Lovehoney / Via, Lovehoney / Via, Lovehoney / Via

    In a way, this is the best problem to have because there are SO many things to do together. You can get a sex toy or lingerie advent calendar ($55, Lovehoney) with a different treat every day; you can dabble in a beginner bondage kit ($29.99, Lovehoney); and if you're down to get a lil weird, you can even get a Clone-a-Willy ($54.99, Lovehoney) and make a peen replica.

    And if that's not enough, there are more games ($39.99, Lovehoney), dice sets ($9.99, Lovehoney), and surprise sex toy gifts (like this $6 bath bomb from, you guessed it, Lovehoney) than you can blow through in a lifetime.