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    28 Products That Are Sure To Spice Up Your Sex Life

    Every boy and every girl, SPICE UP YOUR (sex) LIFE!

    1. The legendary Satisfyer Pro 2 which reviewers say is WORTH 👏 EVERY 👏 PENNY 👏. These satisfied customers can't stop talking about the 11 sucking modes that range from gentle to intense that keep delivering orgasm after orgasm.

    2. Spank-it like never before with this riding leather crop. This bestselling product is an ideal tool for anyone looking to bring out their dominate side.

    3. This set of gear-shaped cock rings is designed to enhance and prolong any erection. It's made from a stretchy, rubber material and works to restrict blood flow, which can help increase length and girth for solo or group fun.

    4. Stimulate your senses with this rotating clitoral vibrating tongue. With over 10 modes, you can experience the sensation of oral sex with this rechargeable sex toy.

    5. Channel your true sexy self laced lingerie nightwear. It comes in 23 different styles and colours, so you'll sure to find the perfect one for you.

    6. Stick to your sexual fantasies with this pleasure tape. It's made from a non-stick substance so the only thing it sticks to is itself. Say goodbye to sticky residue left on your skin and hello to an intense bonding session.

    7. This butt plug kit is great for anyone who is a beginner when it comes to anal sex. With four anal plugs that range in size and shape, you can experiment to find the right size for you.

    8. A sexy jockstrap will make anyone look and feel like a pornstar. This bestselling underwear is designed to emphasize the bulge, but leave a breathable opening for the back door.

    9. Water-based lubricant is an absolute bedroom essential. This vegan-friendly lube is suitable for sensitive skin, has a soothing formula, and will help you achieve whatever fantasy you're after.

    10. Make the most of your valuable time with this Position Of The Day book that offers a new sex position every day of the year (including leap years!) As they say, a new position a day keeps the love doctors away.

    11. If you're into fisting or just curious about it, this magic hand might be for you. Reviewers love how realistic it looks and some even dare say it's fistfuls of fun.

    12. Why settle for a manual fleshlight when you can have an electric fleshlight? This sex toy is portable, provides a pleasurable vibrating massage, and has a heating function that will leave you begging for more.

    13. This bestselling vibrating wand massager works to relax your body completely. Whether you want to target your neck, your back, or anything lower than that, you're sure to experience relief like never before.

    14. A satin blindfold can truly enhance any sexual encounter. When you have to rely on your other senses for pleasure, you enter a whole other world of fun.

    15. This beginner's strap-on will allow partners to change up their usual sexual roles, if they desire. It comes with a fully-adjustable harness and silicone dildo.

    16. The Durex vibrating bullet is made for sensual stimulation any time, anywhere. It's super small, portable, has a soft, velvet-like surface that will keep noise to a minimum.

    17. Lock your love up with these single lock handcuffs. Reviewers love just how heavy and durable these cuffs are, which really sets the mood as they're not flimsy or gimmicky. Now you can live out your Fifty Shades of Grey fantasy, you just have to find a super-rich human to go with it.

    18. This badass leather choker collar will give you an edgy look. It's designed with a resizable button, so you can adjust your choker to fit your specific neck size.

    19. If you're into playing games, try this entertaining, flirty, and romantic card game that's sure to mix your usual routine up.

    20. Tingle and tease your partner with this stainless steel pinwheel. Great for anyone who has a tickle fetish, or who just likes being tinkled in general.

    21. This vibrating wand massager lasts for 90 minutes, which is a lot longer than the average person. You can use it for solo play or in between breaks with your partner.

    22. Whip it real good with this playful leather bull whip. No matter the safe word, this is sure to crack some fun into your relationship.

    23. If you're happy and you know it, you're probably using this 2-in-1 remote control vibrator. Not only is it used for pleasure, but you can also use it to do some kegel exercises with.

    24. This bestselling sensual body massage oil will soothe and rejuvenate your entire body. Use this oil with a partner for a truly enjoyable stay-at-home spa and if you're lucky, maybe it'll have a happy ending.

    25. Heighten the senses with this waterprood vibrating cock ring. It's also designed for targeted clitoral stimulation, making it a perfect product for couple play.

    26. Sure, this rechargeable G-spot vibrator looks like it came out of a Dr. Seuss book, but it has over 700 positive reviews on Amazon Canada. Reviewers love its smooth texture and whisper feature.

    27. This Clone-a-Willy vibrating dildo kit allows you to make a mould of an existing penis you enjoy and are familiar with, and then turn it into a dildo to be used at your leisure. It’s great for couples in a long-distance relationship, or really, any consenting adults who think it might be fun.

    28. Last but not least, nothing is sexier than practicing safe sex with these super-thin Durex lubricated condoms. They are the bestselling condoms on Amazon Canada and will make it feel like you're not even wearing one.

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