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The 31 Most Smartass Things To Ever Happen

These people are the best.

1. This royal cleanup.

2. Every single one of these test answers.

3. This act of nerdy vandalism.

4. This massive truth bomb.

5. Siri.

6. This party pooper.

7. This uncommon bathroom issue.

8. This homage to Disney.

9. David Bowie.

10. This proud environmentalist.

11. This perfect tribute to Monty Python.

12. This doctor in the house.

13. This fair critic.

14. This romantic editor.

15. This sensitive suggestion.

16. These sassy Facebook comments.

17. This daredevil response.

18. This well-intentioned guess.

19. This warm brotherly exchange.

20. The Beatles.

21. This clever Snapchat.

22. This wisecracking dad.

23. This pro baker.

24. This little genius.

25. This witty naysayer.

26. This totally correct answer.

27. This sarcastic boxcutter.

28. These photogenic kids.

29. Tom Hiddleston.

30. This simple correction.

31. This. Just this.

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