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    18 Pure Coincidences That Will Make Any '00s Kid Say "Oh SNAP!"

    Benedict Cumberbatch or Sportacus? We may never know.

    1. When balloony from Phineas and Ferb lived on through Sam Smith:

    2. When a Cory Baxter lookalike caused trouble at the White House:

    3. When these girls actually made the Hannah Montana cat and dog sweaters:

    Do they sing when you squeeze the noses, though?

    4. When Benedict Cumberbatch got exposed as Sportacus from LazyTown:

    5. When a vegan burger matched that nasty Krabby Patty from SpongeBob SquarePants:

    6. When Mr. Mosbey ended up in a history textbook:

    Ok deadass mr mosbey is in my literature textbook

    7. When this high school was just like Pacific Coast Academy:

    this is Youngsville's new high school. I'm crying

    8. When the Hannah Montana alien costume hit the runway:

    whys moschino stealing mikayla's alien costume from hannah montana s2e18?

    9. When Riverdale served major Mackenzie Falls vibes:

    10. When Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus recreated Hannah Montana's performance for the Queen of England:

    11. When dragon scales turned out to be (sort of) a thing:

    12. When the Fairly Odd Parents thought they were slick:

    Yow cosmo and wanda stop foolin' around. I know it's you guys.

    13. When Jamie Lynn Spears gave us Zoey 101 feels

    14. When a Raven Baxter original found its way into a costume store:

    we found the dress from that one episode of that's so raven in the costume shop today

    15. When a Boyz N Motion member reprised the band's smash hit:

    Michael Copon aka Ricky from Boyz N Motion made my ENTIRE YEAR today with a personal rendition of his #1 hit single…

    16. When somebody invented The Weekenders 3D pizza printer:

    17. When this dog channeled its inner Stitch from Lilo and Stitch:

    Straight up this dog looks like stitch from Lilo & Stitch. Where is the lie.

    18. And, finally, when we all grew up to be Wade:

    Now, go give Kim her next mission!

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