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    14 Actors Who Apparently Almost Played Star-Lord In "Guardians Of The Galaxy" Before Chris Pratt Was Cast

    Kudos to Chris Pratt because these are some seriously impressive actors.

    For nearly a decade, Chris Pratt has played Star-Lord in the Guardians of the Galaxy film series. He's become a major cornerstone of the Marvel Cinematic Universe; however, in an alternate universe, Star-Lord, aka Peter Quill, wasn't synonymous with Chris.

    Closeup of Chris Pratt as Star-Lord

    1. On Wednesday, Adam Brody mentioned in an interview with Variety that he auditioned for and wanted to play the character, who debuted as part of the MCU in 2014.

    Closeup of Adam Brody

    Adam is far from the only actor who at one point or another circled the lead Guardians role. Here are 13 other celebs who reportedly were in consideration to play Star-Lord:

    2. Lee Pace

    Closeup of Lee Pace

    3. Joel Edgerton

    Closeup of Joel Edgerton

    4. Eddie Redmayne

    Closeup of Eddie Redmayne

    5. Jack Huston

    Closeup of Jack Huston

    6. Sullivan Stapleton

    Closeup of Sullivan Stapleton

    7. James Marsden

    Closeup of James Marsden

    8. Garrett Hedlund

    Closeup of Garrett Hedlund

    9. Jim Sturgess

    Closeup of Jim Sturgess

    10. Zachary Levi

    11. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

    Closeup of Joseph Gordon-Levitt

    12. Michael Rosenbaum

    Closeup of Michael Rosenbaum

    13. John Gallagher Jr.

    Closeup of John Gallagher Jr.

    14. Glenn Howerton

    Closeup of Glenn Howerton