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Watch Ben Affleck Go Batshit Crazy On Justin Timberlake

We haven't seen Ben this evil since his Mallrats days. Looks like Runner Runner will be a must-see.

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The movie starring Justin Timberlake, about a math genius at an elite institution of higher learning who gets talked into a gazillion dollar internet scheme and then finds his entire life transformed by selfish ambition?

Runner Runner is basically bizarro Social Network with poker and the FBI.

Ben Affleck stars as a monstrous online poker kingpin who lures vulnerable college student Justin Timberlake into a web of partying, island-hopping, crazy money and also bribery and murder. The flick co-stars Anthony Mackie and Gemma Arterton and was directed by Brad Furman.

The trailer, which was just released on Thursday, is absolutely nuts. Affleck is deliciously evil — he throws a guy into a bay where he gets eaten by crocodiles — and Timberlake is sweetly naïve until he becomes determined to Make Things Right, and Anthony Mackie is once again the supporting character who you just know deserves more screen time.