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Benedict Cumberbatch Is Julian Assange In "The Fifth Estate" Trailer

The two most important men on the internet are now one, and it is very serious and very glorious. GIFs, of course, are required.

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Here is the trailer for the movie about WikiLeaks, directed by Bill Condon.

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This is what the inside of the internet looks like.

Seriously, go inside your wireless modem and take a look. It is Benedict Cumberbatch as Julian Assange, casually typing away in an infinite marine-colored vortex of data and code. He is wearing short sleeves because it is hot outside and this is his personal safe space.


You safe?

Not if you're near any sort of electrical outlet, because this is going to short-circuit the internet, which Al Gore created after being visited by a Cumberangel years ago, who told him that this movie was its ultimate destiny.

Given the charges against Assange, this may not be all that sexy.

"What you want to do is try to understand him," Condon, who directed both the Oscar-winning Dreamgirls and two Twilight movies, told HuffPost. "You're trying to burrow deep into who those people are. In the good movies about real events, there's never a big split between people's personal life and what they do [as professionals]. It's who they are that makes them do something extraordinary. So, in this case, exploring who he is really helped inform both the greatness he achieved and the mistakes he made. I think you'll find it is certainly not — in any case, in any way — a white-wash of history or celebration of him. It's also not an attack on him."