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    7 Biopics That Were Loved By Their Own Subjects And 8 That Were Absolutely Loathed

    Sometimes your inspiration can be your biggest fan or your biggest hater.

    When Hollywood decides to make a movie depicting a person's life, chances are the subject won't be so fond of the film.

    15. Hated: Dr. Hunter "Patch" Adams β€” Patch Adams

    Patch Adams with a clown nose on his face in "Patch Adams"

    14. Liked: Muhammad Ali β€” Ali

    Muhammad Ali with his head bowed and boxing gloves up in "Ali"

    13. Hated: Michael Oher β€” The Blind Side

    Michael Oher sitting on a couch in "The Blind Side"

    12. Hated: David Letterman β€” The Late Shift

    David Letterman holding up a note saying "I Hate Myself" in "The Late Shift"

    11. Liked: Stephen Hawking β€” The Theory of Everything

    Close-up of "Stephen Hawking" in "The Theory of Everything"

    10. Probably Hated: Dick Cheney β€” Vice

    Close-up of Dick Cheney in "Vice"

    9. Liked: Molly Bloom β€” Molly's Game

    Molly sitting in a red dress in "Molly's Game"

    8. Hated: Patrizia Reggiani β€” House of Gucci

    Patrizia wearing a skiing outfit in "House of Gucci"

    7. Liked: Robert Durst β€” All Good Things

    David Marks and Kate McCarthy hugging in their wedding clothes in "All Good Things"

    6. Hated: Julian Assange β€” The Fifth Estate

    Julian Assange and co. looking at a laptop in "The Fifth Estate"

    5. Liked: Elton John β€” Rocketman

    Elton John playing a piano in a baseball stadium in "Rocketman"

    4. Hated: Pamela Anderson β€” Pam & Tommy

    Pamela Anderson sitting in an office in "Pam & Tommy"

    3. Liked: Jordan Belford β€” The Wolf of Wall Street

    Jordan Belfort holding a microphone in "The Wolf of Wall Street"

    2. Hated: Mark Zuckerberg β€” The Social Network

    Mark sitting at a desk with headphones around his neck in "The Social Network"

    1. Liked: Tonya Harding β€” I, Tonya

    Tonya Harding in a purple skating outfit in "I, Tonya"

    Do you agree with this list? Are there any other biopics that I missed? Please let me know in the comments section below.