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34 Underrated U.S. Cities You'll Actually Want To Move To

Did your city make the list?

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1. Minneapolis

"It's a perennially underrated city that is second only to New York for the most theatre seats per capita. There are countless restaurant options, a thriving local music scene, a plethora of outdoor activities, including some of the best bike paths in the country, and some truly kind people — not to mention some great tax incentives and hosts of job opportunities."


2. Detroit

"I could talk about our four professional sports teams, amazing restaurants, microbreweries, world-class art museums, and iconic architecture, but most cities have those things. In my opinion, the biggest thing that sets this city apart is its soul. Detroiters have heart, hope, and a relentless drive to work together and make this city great."

—Claire Granskog, Facebook


4. Albuquerque, New Mexico

"It's the largest city in the Land of Enchantment, and it has so much to offer: a great brewery scene, unparalleled cuisine, and events and concerts throughout the year. Plus, it's home to one of the biggest and most beautiful festivals in the world: the annual International Balloon Fiesta! Surrounded by mountains, with the Rio Grande running through it, it's also absolutely gorgeous."

—Chelsea Clark, Facebook

5. Portland, Maine

"It's said to have more bars and restaurants per capita than any other city in the U.S. It's a foodie's paradise nestled on the coast. There's a booming local economy and a thriving arts scene. It's just an all-around great place to live!"


6. St. Petersburg, Florida

"This city absolutely has all the chill you could ask for. Close to all of the tourist fun without being touristy, it has a booming arts district, beautiful beaches and parks, incredible bars and restaurants, and a generally cool vibe."

—Cari Anne Robaldo, Facebook


9. Madison, Wisconsin

"A hip, progressive college town, Madison is home to a host of concert venues, new restaurants, breweries, coffee shops, and more. With a handful of beautiful lakes and dozens of miles of bike paths, there's always something to do outside as well."


10. Grand Rapids, Michigan

"Grand Rapids has a big-city feel with small-town Midwestern politeness. ArtPrize, an annual art competition that takes across the entire city, is one of the coolest events you'll ever find. Plus, there are award-winning medical centers in the city, and Lake Michigan is only a short drive away."



12. Houston

"There's so much diversity, and there's a range of interesting things to do. There are awesome museums, there's a beautiful skyline, and the beach is less than an hour away! Also, the food in Houston is incredible. You can literally eat food from any country in the world there, and it will most likely be authentic."


13. Baltimore

"We've had a rough time lately, but Baltimore has my love forever. It has a bustling arts district, amazing food, and some of the most beautiful architecture I've ever seen."

—Antoinette Morales, Facebook

14. Buffalo

"It often gets overshadowed by NYC, but it's the second largest city in the state. Buffalo has great food; it's a close community of people; and there's amazing architecture. On top of that, there's a lively music, art, and bar scene, and Canada is only a stone's throw away."

—Charlotte Ethel, Facebook


15. Kansas City, Missouri

"We're a city that's just big enough to be exciting, but small enough to feel homey and neighborly. Jazz and BBQ are engrained in our culture. Boulevard beer is a staple. We love our sports teams through every high and low. Art is celebrated in the Crossroads, and antique lovers flock to the West Bottoms now that it's been revived."


16. Cleveland

"We have a world-renowned orchestra, three major sports teams, lots of museums, and the second largest theater district in the country. Plus, there's always something to do. Add to that the fact that we have an amazing clinic and are the home of rock and roll, and you've got yourself the most underrated city in the U.S."


17. Indianapolis

"The Circle City is home to many sports teams, has a great arts community, and is affordable to live in. Plus, there are beautiful parks and landmarks such as the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Monument Circle."

—Audrey Chambers, Facebook


19. St. Louis

"We have the nicest people, the greatest baseball fans in the world, toasted ravioli, gooey butter cake, and beloved destinations like Crown Candy and Pappy's Barbecue. With the Arch as our Gateway to the West, St. Louis is a beautiful city with amazing people!"


20. Louisville, Kentucky

"It offers an amazing mix of Southern culture, Midwestern friendliness, and Northern big city charm. It is filled to the brim with food, bourbon, the arts, sports, and beautiful architecture that combine to form a truly unique and underrated city."


22. Charleston, South Carolina

"It has the cutest downtown shopping area, the best views, the most amazing food, the prettiest sunsets, colorful houses on the Battery, and the beach! The Holy City is the place to be!"



23. Omaha, Nebraska

"We have a low cost of living and low unemployment, and we have one of the best zoos in the world. Our music scene is thriving, local restaurants and craft beers are amazing, and there is always plenty to do here."


24. Memphis

"Memphis has one of the lowest costs of living in the nation, a host of employment opportunities, tons of free concerts (and Beale Street Music Festival during Memphis in May), the largest BBQ festival in the world, a ballin' NBA team, and a whole lot of heart."


26. Milwaukee

"Milwaukee hosts Summerfest, the world's largest music festival, and there are a ton of cultural festivals on Lake Michigan throughout the summer. Not to mention the amazing Miller beer and cheese we have! Milwaukee is just the right size for anyone who wants the city vibe without being overwhelmed."



27. San Diego

"San Diego may be a big city, but it never feels like that because everybody is always so chill. There are tons of cool places to check out — Old Town, Gaslamp Quarter, and Balboa Park, to name a few — plus museums, the zoo, and, of course, the beach."


29. Fort Worth, Texas

"We always get lumped in with Dallas, but we have all the big city charm with more of a small town feel. From West 7th's amazing atmosphere to the stock yards and Billy Bobs, Fort Worth is oozing with culture. There's awesome food pretty much everywhere, and there's almost always some sort of great event like Main Street Arts Festival or Mayfest."


30. Nashville

"You get to hear up-and-coming singers, eat some of the best food in the nation, and enjoy Southern hospitality. Plus, the city strikes the perfect small town-big city balance, ensuring that you're never bored or overwhelmed."



32. Oklahoma City

"I've driven all across the country in the past few years, and Oklahoma City is definitely an unexpected gem. Bricktown is fantastic fun, and the downtown is also pretty great. It's a surprisingly walkable city with plenty of great food and attractions."


33. Salt Lake City

"The landscape is beautiful, and there are so many wonderful places to go. SLC is part of the Utah Valley area, so you never run out of things to do. The zoo is wonderful, the aviary is awesome, and the parks are extremely enjoyable."

—Erinne Beachler, Facebook

34. Greenville, South Carolina

Seanpavonephoto / Getty Images

"It's a wonderful smaller city, and it's absolutely beautiful. Falls Park is a huge park around the Reedy River right in the middle of downtown."



Note: Submissions have been edited for length and clarity.

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