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Jimmy Kimmel Asked People To Name ANY Country On A Map, And It Went Just Like We All Hoped It Wouldn't

"Shouldn't I be taught this in school?!"

Given President Trump's trip to Europe — to Belgium, England, Scotland, and Finland, to be exact — Jimmy Kimmel began a recent segment by reminding people how important it is to know about other countries.

So, to test Americans' knowledge of other countries, he asked people on the street this VERY simple question:

The bar could not have been lower.

But people STILL struggled to produce an answer.

This person thought Bolivia, which is in South America, was South Africa.

And this guy thought Asia was a country.

Ditto with Africa.

But he wasn't the only one who made that mistake.

People couldn't even identify THE UNITED STATES.

But just as I was about to give up hope...

...our hero arrived.

Here's the whole segment if you want to see more!

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