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    53 Gifts That’ll Make Your Significant Other Say “Whoa, Where Did You Find That”

    Outta-this-world bath bombs, delicious treats from around the globe, super cute decor, and other fun and unique gifts that'll impress your partner immediately.

    Hey! While we’re doing our best to make sure the products we feature will arrive in time for Christmas, shipping times are tricky and can vary depending on where you live, which product you purchase, and more. Shop early and be sure to double check the retailers’ websites for shipping information to ensure that your gift will arrive in time for the 25th!

    1. Some sweet lil' sprout bookmarks that'll instantly make any book look way cuter.

    leaf shaped bookmarks in light and dark green

    2. An incredibly detailed, dual color moon-shaped light they can leave on its perch or carry around with them to make their space feel extra cozy.

    3. A gorgeous constellation print that lets you customize the constellation, location, title, date, and font color to make it even more of a romantic and thoughtful gift for someone who shines bright in your life.

    A constellation print that reads "under the starts 04.15.19 Chicago, IL"

    4. A galaxy-themed bath bomb — it'll ensure that they get to experience the most fun and relaxing bath in the entire universe.

    bath bomb that looks like a planet

    5. Or some shower steamers if your significant other isn't a bath person, but still would like a calming fragrance to enhance their personal time.

    The steamers next to their packaging

    6. A Love Lingual card game to bring you and your partner even closer. Whether you've just started dating or have been together for decades, this game will strengthen your connection with questions designed to create fun and powerful convos on topics like family, intimacy, the past, the future, yourself, your relationship, and more <3.

    7. Or a game for couples that'll help you and your partner get to know each other better through meaningful conversations, funny challenges, and fun competitions you can even play with other couples to find out who knows who best.

    The ultimate game for couples box

    8. A rainbow prism sun catcher — they can easily hang it indoors or outside to make their space look like a sparkling dreamland.

    9. A Dracula-inspired garlic chopper named ~Gracula~ that —unlike the real Dracula — isn't afraid of garlic. Now your partner can make their meals as garlicky as they want without their fingers reeking all day long.

    10. And an oil mister because no one feels like ending up with greasy hands every time they dress a salad or do a little cooking.

    reviewer spraying vegetables with the oil spray

    11. A tortilla-shaped blanket so they can fulfill their lifelong dream of becoming a human burrito! Not that this blanket is exclusively meant for humans...

    12. A set of nostalgic NES cartridge coasters for the gamer in your life who would love to rest their drink on their fave retro games.

    a reviewer&#x27;s coaster collection which includes Super Mario Bros, Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Duck Hunt, and Excitebike

    13. Or a pack of adorable fruit coasters so your main ~squeeze~ can have furniture without water rings.

    The coasters in various fruit styles, some with mugs sitting on them

    14. An impressively large and mesmerizing gem chunk that gives off magical, rainbow-tinged light using dimmable LEDs. Just owning this thing is a form of self-care, TBH.

    The gem radiating light

    15. A rain showerhead so every shower feels like a trip to a 5-star resort. Now they can set up some mood lighting, throw on some Hilary Duff, and ♫LET THE RAIN FALL DOWN♫.

    16. A world tour jerky crate filled with flavors from around the globe to give their tastebuds the vacation of a lifetime.

    The crate surrounded by a variety of jerky

    17. A funny stress toy for your favorite spud — I mean — *stud*!

    Reviewer holding the potato stress toy

    18. A light saber umbrella so they can use the Force to fend off the rain.

    A person holding the umbrella, which has a shaft that glows like a lightsaber

    19. And a pair of BPA-free, reusable glowing chopsticks for the person you know who would love to pretend they're dining in a galaxy far far away...

    20. And some ridiculously cute chopstick holders to keep their utensils off the table. Some reviewers also used them as very adorable paperweights to keep them company while sitting at their desk.

    The dog and cat versions of the chopstick holders holding chopsticks

    21. A Saucemoto dip clip that'll be their new BFF whenever they get fast food on the go.

    reviewer dipping a nugget in sauce being held by clip
    reviewer dipping waffle fry in sauce being held by clip

    They'll fit onto horizontal or vertical air vents *and* can hold sauce packs from all popular fast food chains to make eating in the parking lot wayyyy easier!

    Promising review: "Love the design and functionality of it. Even if you aren't really a person who eats in the car, it's great for others to use while you drive. Got this for a co-worker's birthday, and she loved it!" —Eden

    Shipping info: Available on Amazon Prime with 2-day shipping, non-Prime shipping options will still arrive by Christmas (see Amazon's full shipping information here).

    Get two from Amazon for $10+ (available in four colors and in multipacks).

    22. A pack of cute animal planters for the person in your life who loves plants *and* animals.

    small planters shaped like koala, crocodile, elephant, penguin, panda, and tiger

    23. A bag of Mickey Mouse Classic Blend coffee that'll instantly transport them straight to the Disney parks, which is most likely the last place they tasted this delicious blend!

    two bags of coffee with mickey on the packaging

    24. A DIY organic mushroom-growing kit for your partner who puts the ~fun~ in fungi.

    mushrooms growing out of the mini farm

    25. A cassette-shaped flash drive because mixtapes are awesome gifts and your flawless playlist deserves a much better presentation than a boring old Spotify link. It's made from a real tape cassette and you can choose between a variety of charming gift boxes!

    26. An amazing space pen that can write underwater, in extreme temperatures, in zero gravity, and at any angle — even upside down! Plus, if you're dating a Seinfeld fan, you can be sure they'll ask if this pen is actually a gift from Jack Klompus.

    The metal and rainbow-colored pen displayed on a table

    27. A dishwasher-safe unicorn pool float tea infuser to make it feel like there's a pool party happening in their mug. Just fill the bottom with loose leaf tea, and let it swim!

    The infuser floating in a mug

    28. An acorn-shaped air freshener that'll add a cute touch to their car and make it smell amazing.

    small acorn hanging from rearview mirror

    29. A jar of Sichuan Chili Crisp from Fly By Jing they'll wanna use on EVERYTHING. It's hot and tingly without being overwhelmingly spicy, and its bold flavor adds an amazing flavor to pretty much anything from noodles and eggs, to pizza and even ice cream! *Plus*, it's vegan, sugar-free, gluten-free, and made without preservatives or artificial flavors.

    30. A house-shaped tissue box cover that doubles as a charming piece of decor.

    The tissue box covers sitting on a stack of books

    31. An eyeliner wing stamp to replace drawing them by hand if your partner loves a classic cat-eye look but hates spending time on makeup.

    32. A Birthdate candle available in 365 unique, soothing scents — one for every birthdate! The front and back label of each candle contains a personality description, tarot card, ruling number, and ruling planet — personalized to your exact birthday based on astrology, numerology, and tarot. If you're looking for a showstopper candle, this is it!

    January fifth candle

    33. A Baby Yoda night-light that might just be the cutest thing ever.

    34. And a Baby Yoda Bluetooth speaker for anyone who would love an extra dose of cuteness along with their favorite tunes.

    A model holding the round speaker with ears in the palm of their hand

    35. A compact, waterproof coffee mug warmer with three heat settings and an auto-shutoff feature so their hot, life-giving coffee stays the perfect temperature from the first sip to the last — no matter how long it takes them to drink it! Plus, it comes in a variety of cute colors!

    A mug filled with coffee placed on the pink warmer