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    38 Impossibly Cool Etsy Products For The Most Boring Parts Of Your Home

    Your space is about to get a serious upgrade.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A hanging branch clothing rack that's way cooler than your tiny closet.

    Clothes hanging from the birch branch clothing rack
    PaPappa / Etsy

    PaPappa is a small business based in Tallinn, Estonia that sells clothing racks, rugs, and other home goods.

    Get it from PaPappa for $144.87+ (available in four different branch options and five hanging material options).

    2. Some Dalmatian dot removable wallpaper to dress up any walls that are just so ~doggone~ plain otherwise. One reviewer even used it as contact paper to cover their bedside table!

    The wallpaper in a home office
    SweetPeaWallDesign / Etsy

    SweetPeaWallDesign is a business based in Charlottesville, Virginia that specializes in vivid and easy-to-apply removable wallpaper.

    Promising review: "Absolutely love the wallpaper. It adds a different dynamic to my new bedroom and it was so easy to apply!" —Anna

    Get it from SweetPeaWallDesign for $5+ (available in four sizes and one sample size).

    3. A beautiful bundle of eucalyptus perfect for making your average shower feel like a high end spa. The steam releases natural oils that can help clear respiratory passageways and sinuses while helping relax the mind and body.

    The bundle of eucalyptus hanging from a shower
    BotanicaFleur / Etsy

    You also don't have to hang it in the shower if there's a different room you feel it would fit better in!

    BotanicaFleur is a business based in Nashville, Tennessee that sells eucalyptus bundles, wreaths, and more.

    Promising review: "Amazing! My shower smells exactly like the showers at the blue lagoon in Iceland now 😍 and the presentation is so cute. This is such a great detail to make your bathroom feel like a spa and it arrived perfectly intact. Love it!" —valerieannrn

    Get it from BotanicaFleur for $8+ (available in four sizes).

    4. Some LED cloud lights because ~the sky's the limit~ when it comes to cool decor that can totally transform your space! Each cloud has eight different light settings (fade, flash, dim, etc.), is battery operated so there are no ugly cords to try and hide, and even includes a convenient timer.

    the clouds hanging in different shades of blue
    DreamVibeCreations / Etsy

    Get it from DreamVibeCreations for $50+ (available in two color options).

    5. Some stair riser decals so you can ~step~ up your home decor and make your otherwise unexciting stairs much more fun to look at.

    black and white pattern on stairs
    Bleucoin / Etsy

    Bleucoin is a business based in India that sells a variety of decals for walls, stairs, tile, and more.

    Get the Amalfi pattern from Bleucoin for $12.98+ (available in nine sizes and two finishes).

    6. A custom pillow in your pet's likeness to add some cute to your couch.

    A collection of pillows that look like various pets (cats dogs, birds, etc.)
    aurespaces / Etsy

    Aurespaces is a business based in Surprise, Arizona that sells custom pet pillows and nature inspired home decor.

    Promising review: "My pillow came out so cute!! Bought it to send to college with my daughter and she loved it. Thank you!!!" —Cheryl Moore

    Get it from aurespaces for $29.99+ (available in sizes XXS–XXL and three types of fabric).

    7. Or a custom pet portrait that'll add some royal flair to your home, which realistically has always been your pet's personal palace even though you're the one who pays the rent.

    four portraits  of dogs in fancy victorian attire
    HommeSurLaLune / Etsy

    HommeSurLaLune is an Asian American-owned business based in Brooklyn, New York that is an outlet for owner Gerard's own art, focusing on pet portraits and custom designs.

    Get it from HommeSurLaLune for $80+ (available in seven sizes and four body types). See more styles here.

    8. A prismatic window film – it's easy to stick on any glass surface for an extra layer of privacy *and* some stunning rainbow reflections that'll make your space feel a little more magical.

    The window film showing an array of colors as light shines through
    BearsbunnyCrafts / Etsy

    BearsbunnyCrafts is a business based in Shenzhen, China that sells a variety of garden and home accessories.

    Promising review: "This is honestly one of the best purchases of my entire life, I'm so in love with the rainbow effect in my room! Such an affordable price for a beautiful product. You get exactly what you pay for/what you see." —Andy

    Get it from BearsbunnyCrafts for $13.49+ (available in nine sizes).

    9. A gorgeous constellation print that lets you customize the constellation, location, title, date, and font color to commemorate a momentous occasion. Now every time you look at what was once empty wall space, you'll be reminded of a happy memory that'll make you smile.

    A constellation print that reads "under the starts 04.15.19 Chicago, IL"
    FinchandCotter / Etsy

    FinchandCotter is a business based in Grand Rapids, Michigan that sells night sky prints, personalized pillows, and other great gift ideas!

    Promising review: "Probably one of the best shops I’ve dealt with on Etsy ever! Amazing customer service — everything felt personalized and intimate from beginning to finish. Shipping was super fast! Packaged perfectly. And absolutely BEAUTIFULLY made. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. I got this for my husband for our one-year anniversary, and I know he’s just going to love it. I absolutely plan on ordered more from this shop. Thank you for making our big day so special! This is a 6-star shop!" —Natalie

    Get it from FinchandCotter for $26+ (available in four sizes, as well as with matting and framing options).

    10. Some colorful, giant wooden pin hooks perfect for hanging your hats, coats, bags, masks, and more to make storage a little more entertaining.

    Model inserting one of the pin hooks into a wall next to five others in different colors
    DecorActionShop / Etsy

    DecorActionShop is a business based in Istanbul, Turkey that sells pin hooks, magnets, and other cool items and gifts.

    Heads up that this shop will do variations of these colors if you'd like! If you have specific color needs, just let them know!

    Get it from DecorActionShop for $50.

    11. A cool magnetic chess set for the person who likes their decor to double as an activity *or* is just obsessed with The Queen's Gambit.

    Model playing the magnetic chessboard attached to the wall
    WindingHillsDesigns / Etsy

    Winding Hills Designs is a small family business that uses the individual skills of variety of family members to create out of the ordinary gifts. They mill their own wood, design their own art, and assemble all of their products near the foothills of the Rockies.

    Promising review: "I looked through a lot of different sets before deciding on this one. My boyfriend wanted a chess set but doesn't have a lot of table space, and he has a cat so I was afraid she would knock the pieces over or eat them. He loves wall art so this was the perfect solution! This also shipped so fast! I think I received it within two days of ordering. WOW!" —Andrea Sanchez

    Get it from WindingHillsDesigns for $69.

    12. A very cool spout you can attach to a foaming soap bottle to make lil' Mickey Mouse soap dollops! Did washing your hands suddenly

    mickey mouse pump attachment that helps create mouse shaped foam
    MouseDelights3D / Etsy

    Get it from MouseDelights3D for $12.

    13. A beyond adorable vintage camper birdhouse to make your yard feel like a quaint lil' campground for flying friends.

    Four different camper bird houses hanging outside
    1Man1Garage / Etsy

    No glue is necessary for assembly.

    1Man1Garage is a business based in Nashville, Tennessee that offers a variety of cool artisan designs that are made with care.

    Promising review: "I love this so much! I just built it, so I'm not sure if I will get any inhabitants or not, but that's okay because it’s SO CUTE. Took a little brain power to put together cause the pieces aren’t labeled, but it’s (clearly) do-able and a fun little project regardless. The little details are so fun, and it is very well-made. Highly recommend!" —Lauren Woods

    Get it from 1Man1Garage for $32+ (available in 10 colors).

    14. And a ridiculously luxurious wooden dog house that's a serious upgrade from your fur baby's previous digs.

    house-shaped dog house with plush bedding and glass door
    WLOWood / Etsy

    This Turkish business offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

    Promising review: "Could not love this item more! We ordered the large size for our corgi (to accommodate his long body!) and it's just perfect. Our dog goes in it all the time, he clearly loves the cushion at the bottom. Everyone comments on how beautiful it is, it's really like a piece of furniture. The provided instructions were very clear, which made setup quick. Shipped to us in California in a matter of days, very impressive! Thank you so much, we absolutely love it!" —Jill Thorsen

    Get it from WLOWood for $163+ (available in five sizes).

    15. A floating ledge perfect for making your space feel like a cool little record shop where everything's free!

    Two ledges displaying a variety of records above a record player
    prathermade / Etsy

    Divider Records (formerly prathermade) is a couple-owned business based in Sugarcreek, Ohio. Owners Brit and Jason Prather specialize in hand-built vinyl record storage and offer a lot of super cool options for record enthusiasts!

    Promising review: "I wish there were more than five stars to give out! Quality wood; flawless finish. Arrived well-protected with lots of bubble wrap, and included drywall screws to easily hang. I requested shelves a few days earlier than their normal ship time to arrive in time for a birthday celebration, and they came through for me. Very much appreciated!" —Emily Arnold

    Get it from Divider Records for $57+ (available in five materials and six finishes)

    16. Some ~pretty, pretty, pretty good~ Curb Your Enthusiasm coasters that'll make any surface instantly more hilarious.

    The stack of round coasters with Larry David's face and the phrase "Do you respect wood?" on them
    MakerMate / Etsy

    MakerMate is a small business based in Long Island, New York that sells a variety of Curb and Seinfeld-inspired items.

    Promising review: "Packaging was adorable and quality is amazing! Perfect for my boyfriend's birthday. He's always yelling this quote at me when I don't use a coaster! LOL." —Carli Rubi

    Get a set of four from MakerMate for $12.

    17. A cool replacement handrail to give your stairwell a minimalist vibe that'll make your home feel more on-trend.

    black rectangle handrail
    HandrailsBoutique / Etsy

    HandrailsBoutique is a business based in Los Angeles, CA that specializes in stylish handrails.

    Get it from HandrailsBoutique for $50+ (available in 30 sizes).

    18. A bath mat that'll make your bathroom look much more ~egg-cellent~ than it ever has before. Or put it in the kitchen and try not to ~crack~ up every time you step on it!

    Marche Du Luxe / Etsy

    Marche Du Luxe is a woman-owned business based in Windsor, Canada that offers carefully curated, high quality pieces intended to compliment your lifestyle.

    Promising review: "Beautiful egg rug and the quality is better than I expected! Rug is soft and with just the right amount of fluff. The bottom of it comes with a rubber padding to prevent slippage." —Tara Kaneko

    Get it from Marche Du Luxe for $41.35.

    19. A lil' Doodle Bob pencil holder to keep you company at your desk all day and make sure you always have a writing utensil within reach.

    The Doodle Bob holding a pencil
    CasualChicken / Etsy

    CasualChicken is a small business based in Irvine, California that offers custom and unique 3D printed art and accessories. It's run by a neuroscience PhD student who enjoys 3D modeling and printing, and uses their hobby to support their graduate studies.

    Promising review: "Doodlebob is so Cute! Perfect size! Makes me giggle when I see him on my desk!" —Jennifer Wallace

    Get it from CasualChicken for $15.

    20. A handy floating bedside table for anyone who doesn't have the floor space for a night stand and is getting tired of having nowhere to put their bedtime essentials. This cool shop is also on Amazon!

    BedShelfie / Etsy

    BedShelfie is a POC-owned small business based in Los Angeles, CA that focuses on space-saving minimalist nightstands.

    Get it from from BedShelfie for $35.99 (more sizes available here).

    21. A very fun Golden Girls clean/dirty dishwasher magnet to make you smile, and take the guesswork out of loading and unloading your dishes.

    A hand holding the magnet, which reads "dirty" with a picture of Blanche if flipped one way and "Clean" with a picture of Rose the other
    TheRedSwanGiftShop / Etsy

    The TheRedSwanGiftShop is a woman-owned business based in Lakeland, Florida. Owner Tate Krupa is an artist and graphic designer who offers a variety of snarky pins, decals, greeting cards, and other things that spark joy and make people laugh.

    Promising review: "I am so happy with this purchase!! It's super well-made, sticks to dishwasher with ease, and makes me giggle. This might be my favorite purchase on Etsy so far. 😅 ❤️" —skitzoette

    Get it from TheRedSwanGiftShop for $7.95 (available in two styles).

    22. A set of five honeycomb-style hexagon shelves that'll give your walls a little more pizzazz! You can hang them individually or combine them to create a geometric pattern that's all your own! They're great for displaying decor, housing your plants, or offering an extra spot to store clutter.

    the shelves holding flowers and a figurine
    303Woods / Etsy

    303Woods is a couple-owned small business based in Shreveport, Louisiana that focuses on custom-built furniture and home decor.

    Promising review: "We received our shelves last night and I LOVE THEM! They are exactly as described and the perfect size for the wall in our hallway. They are also sent with nails for you to hang them. I cannot say enough great things about Joey. I was a little leery about hanging them because people posted so many different ways of arranging them, but I reached out to Joey and he showed me the simplest way! He was so kind and responsive. Super friendly seller! I would absolutely purchase from him again and recommend his work!" —Kristine Tran

    Get it from 303Woods for $105.

    23. A poster of Elaine dancing to add some humor to any room and give you a ~little kick~ every time you look at it.

    The poster with three illustrations of Elaine dancing on a green background
    TheFilmArtist / Etsy

    The Film Artist is a woman-owned New York-based business that offers a wide collection of female-focused prints and more!

    Promising review: "I'm doing little kicks over this print! The artist absolutely nailed the nuances of Elaine's dance moves and attitude. It arrived timely and packaged with care." —Ceceliaginger

    Get it from TheFilmArtist for $12+ (available in eight sizes and 20 color options).

    24. Some chopstick holders that just wanna look cute and hang out with you at the kitchen table. Some reviewers also keep them on their desk so they can use them as very adorable paperweights.

    The dog and cat versions of the chopstick holders holding chopsticks
    SkySpirals / Etsy

    SkySpirals is a business based in Whitby, Canada that offers products from Japan as well as handmade items.

    Promising reviews: "The Calico kitty chopstick rests are flippin' adorable. Used them tonight for the first time... they are very stable and easy to clean. Very happy camper!" —allison nixon

    "I bought one dog and one cat chopstick stand and they are the cutest. My partner absolutely adores them and they can also be great paperweights when you're not eating <3" —Bianca Zhang

    Get them from SkySpirals for $9.10.

    25. A handmade hanging ceramic light to add a touch of style to the room that needs it most.

    The lamp hanging next to a plant
    NoaRazerStudio / Etsy

    This lamp is by designer-maker Noa Razer in Tel Aviv, Israel.

    Get it from NoaRazerStudio for $280.

    26. A cute little handmade ceramic ring dish you'll wanna ~tree-t~ yourself to so you have somewhere fun to drop your jewelry at the end of the day.

    tree ring dish
    BarruntandoCeramics / Etsy

    This business is owned and designed by a group of women who work out of a workshop in Avilés, Spain, an area with great ceramic tradition. The shop also accepts custom orders!

    Get it from BarruntandoCeramics for $41.03.

    27. A vibrant welcome mat so the first thing you see when coming and going is a bright, shining sun or a colorful rainbow (or both)!

    The sun welcome mat on the inside of the door and the rainbow one on the outside
    Mcozylife / Etsy

    Mcozylife is a business based in Hong Kong that specializes in home décor, delicate ceramics, and a variety of unique gifts!

    Get it from Mcozylife for $40+ (available in two sizes and two styles).

    28. Some adorable doxie magnets that'll make your fridge much cuter than it has any business being.

    wooden wiener dog magnets
    Pickle Dog Designs / Etsy

    Pickle Dog Design is a woman-owned small business based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Founder Amy Bartkus loves dogs as much as she loves design and offers a variety of eclectic and fun handmade items.

    Promising review: "These magnets are adorable! I got them for my bf who lives alone and has no fridge magnets. He is obsessed with dachshunds and we always talk about adopting one in the future so I was stoked when I found these. They came super fast, are really cute, and look perfect on the fridge" —Adriana Villanueva

    Get it from Pickle Dog Design for $6.40+ (available in various sizes, colors, and sets).

    29. Some vintage-style colorful doorknobs to add a little ~je ne sais quoi~ to your most boring doors.

    A variety of doorknobs in different colors
    Maylouiseinteriors / Etsy

    Maylouiseinteriors is a business based in Haslemere, U.K. that offers a bunch of vintage and up-cycled furniture.

    Promising review: "Absolutely gorgeous! Exactly what I wanted, fitted perfectly. Added bonus was the really quick delivery." —Carolann

    Get it from Maylouiseinteriors for $5.81 (available in eleven colors).

    30. A corn-shaped candle that's simply ~ear-resistable~ and will instantly improve any surface.

    The lit corn candle
    The Chronic Iconic / Etsy

    The Chronic Iconic is a Jewish woman-owned business based in London, England. Owner Jessica Cummin, who is neurodivergent and disabled, uses her art to destigmatize chronic illness and offers a variety of cool creations from badges and magnets to candles and mirrors.

    Get it from The Chronic Iconic for $9.46 (available in yellow or orange).

    31. A wacky mirror that'll put every other mirror you've owned to shame. "Who's the coolest mirror of them all?" I think you know.

    mirror with light wood with wiggly border
    littleanana / Etsy

    Little Anana is a couple-owned business based in Biarritz, France. Owners Astrid Eudeline and Ivan Grangeret share a love of wooden, handmade objects and make the majority of their products to order so that they can create in a responsible way and avoid environmentally damaging overproduction.

    Get it from Little Anana for $74.33.

    32. An easy-to-install fruit and veggie hammock to revolutionize how you store (and proudly display) your produce.

    Knapps Knots / Etsy

    Knapps Knots is a woman-owned business based in San Diego, California that specializes in handmade macrame crafts.

    Get it from Knapps Knots for $27.90+ (available in two sizes and nine colors).

    33. Some vintage-style, botanical bath accessories that'll turn your bathroom into a work of art.

    The matching shower curtain, bathmat, and towel in a bathroom
    OzscapeHomeDecor / Etsy

    OzscapeHomeDecor is a woman-owned small business based in the US that focuses on offering unique and inspiring home decor and decorating ideas to add some magic and fantasy into your everyday life.

    Get it from OzscapeHomeDecor for $48+ (shower curtain, bath mat, and towels available in various sizes).

    34. Some fun cabinet handles to add a lil' ~kitsch~ to your kitchen.

    Cabinet handles shaped like a knife, fork, and spoon
    ARoseRambling / Etsy

    Get it from ARoseRambling for $5.61 (available in fork, knife, and spoon).

    35. A magnetic air plant holder you'll be ~pining~ for until it shows up on your doorstep. The air plant is included and will look super cute on your fridge!

    GoodsmithShop / Etsy

    GoodsmithShop is a business based in Los Angeles, CA that sells a variety of super cool planters, and plants a new tree for every planter sold!

    Promising review: "My absolute favorite thing in the whole world right now!!! I love this SO much!!!! Makes me happy every time I look at it. Great craftsmanship, quick, well-packaged shipping. It’s a tiny plant but looks just like a pineapple! Sweet, clever, hilarious, and perfect!!" —Sally Wirthman

    Get it from GoodsmithShop for $18+ (available in two colors and as a single or set of three).

    36. Some removable wall decals that come in a bunch of stylish colors and will make any wall instantly look way fancier.

    Two decals in different sizes and colors on a wall
    Kenna Sato Designs / Etsy

    Kenna Sato Designs is a woman-owned business based in St. George, Utah that specializes in unique wall decor, clip art, and personalized gifts.

    Promising review: "This vinyl was so easy to install! The quality is amazing. I didn’t know what to put in my nursery and was debating on so many things, but chose this since it was simple and beautiful! I love how modern it looks and have gotten so many compliments! This is a must buy!" —Yumi

    Get it from Kenna Sato Designs for $98.99 (available in various colors).

    37. A beautiful throw blanket to dress up your couch and make sure you have a mind blowing view no matter where you are.

    Model holds up the throw blanket with a desert illustration on it
    The Little Avocado / Etsy

    TheLittleAvocado is a business based in Los Angeles that sells beautiful textiles, magnets, jewelry, and more!

    Get it from TheLittleAvocado for $118.

    38. And finally a custom-built mailbox that'll make running out to fetch the mail a delight!

    The mailbox
    DavesCustomMailboxes / Etsy

    DavesCustomMailboxes is a business based in Plantsville, Connecticut that's owned by master carpenter David DiFronzo, who has been building country and custom mailboxes for over 18 years.

    Promising review: "Cannot recommend more highly. My mailbox is a dream come true. It’s beautifully crafted and sturdy and solid. Plus seller was communicative and helpful. Get one for yourself and get them as gifts for all your family and friends!!!" —Sasha Rose

    Get it from DavesCustomMailboxes for $191.50 (available in seven colors).

    Me going to get my credit card from the other room:

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