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22 Fucking Adorable Valentine's Gifts For Baes Who Love Cursing

Put your dirty mouth on mine.

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1. This heartfelt card.

$5.50 from Chez Gagné.

2. This charming necklace.

3. This carefree phone case.

4. Some wine with a hint of language.

Fat Bastard available here for $14. Sweet Bitch available here for $9.

5. This minimalist banner.

$23 from Pan Lis.

6. This candle that's sort of censored.

$18 from Ms. Betty.

7. These classy-ass bath bombs.

8. This daintily profane mug.

9. And some themed coffee to boot.

$14 from FireBox.

10. This solemn vow.

$3.71 (for an instant download) from Lovely Tea.

11. This tote for your veggies.

12. A very sweary coloring book.

$2 for an individual page and $20 for the whole book from Pixie Rah Designs.

13. This fancy-ass plate.

14. This bracelet that really means it.

$25 from BLKANDNOIR.

15. Or this sweary ring pair.

$15 from Java Janes.

16. This card that speaks the truth.

$4.20 from Nish Creations.

17. These excited-sounding socks.

18. This necklace that gets right to the point.

19. This soap with a tiny little fuck.

$4 from Blue Q.

20. These celebratory balloons.

$8.69 from FireBox.

21. Some flavored shit for your lips.

$6.99 from Blue Q.

22. This coy little pin.

<3 True fucking love <3


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