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    13 Disney Princess Castles You Can Actually Stay In

    Make all your dreams come true.

    1. Live Like Ariel in the Carribean

    Walt Disney Pictures /

    This seaside palace in Isla Mujeres is fit for the King of the Sea. See more here.

    2. Stay in Prince Eric's Castle in Turkey

    Walt Disney Pictures /

    This villa on the Lycean coast is strikingly similar to Prince Eric's castle. Dotted with olive trees and shady terraces, this luxurious rental is the perfect place to test out your sea legs. See more here.

    3. Visit the Cottage of the Seven Dwarfs

    Walt Disney Pictures /

    This enchanting retreat in the Irish countryside looks almost identical to the house of the seven dwarfs. And it even sleeps eight! Perfect for you and seven of your favorite companions. See more here.

    4. Sleep in Snow White's Castle

    Walt Disney Pictures /

    This actual castle in the French Pyrenees might just be the fairest in the land. It sleeps 19 people and has a pool and tennis courts to keep you busy. Check it out here.

    5. Be (Their) Guest at this Catskills Retreat

    Walt Disney Pictures /

    It might not be France, but the dining room of this estate in New York looks mighty similar to the grand hall of Beauty and the Beast. See it here.

    6. Sleep like Aurora in a Castle Apartment

    Walt Disney Pictures /

    This stunning locale in the Scottish Highlands looks a whole lot like Sleeping Beauty's castle. Just watch out for spindles. See it here.

    7. Live Like Tiana in New Orleans

    Walt Disney Pictures /

    This historic residence in the "Big Easy" sleeps 16 of your closest friends. Frogs should probably stay outside, though. See more here.

    8. Stay in Cinderella's Castle

    Walt Disney Pictures /

    This 76,000 square foot mansion is certainly big enough for you and all your step-sisters, evil or not. Book your stay here.

    9. Spend a Night in a Yurt Like Pocahontas

    Walt Disney Pictures /

    At this yurt in the Preseli Mountains of Wales you can visit rivers, go whale watching and even learn to make pottery. See more here.

    10. Live like Mulan in this Balinese Villa

    Walt Disney Pictures /

    When she wasn't fighting for her family's honor, Mulan spent her time at their gorgeous villa. For less than $300 a night, you can stay in this similar one with gardens and ocean-views. See more info here.

    11. Get Tangled in this Spanish Tower

    Walt Disney Pictures /

    If you’re looking to recreate Rapunzel’s secluded experience, try staying here in the Aragon region of Spain. But don't worry—this one has plenty of doors to escape. Book your stay here.

    12. Experience Jasmine's World in Morrocco

    Walt Disney Pictures /

    This stunning villa in Marrakech is almost as beautiful as the palace in Agrabah. See more here.

    13. Live like Anna and Elsa in Ft. Lauderdale

    Walt Disney Pictures /

    This mansion could be mistaken for Arendelle, but instead of a mountain village it's in sunny Florida, so you'll never be truly frozen! Schedule your trip here.

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