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    The 9 Unwritten But Sacred Rules Of Bay Area Casual Carpool

    In a utopian future, these would be 100% legally binding.

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    1. Public radio ONLY.

    Unless all present parties have formally agreed to blast Kesha.

    2. Always offer your driver a dollar for the toll.

    Or $2 if you're going from San Francisco back to the East Bay.

    3. Speak only when spoken to.

    The driver initiates any necessary conversation.

    4. Three people per car, unless the driver explicitly agrees to four.

    5. NO eating.

    Assume the driver doesn't want his or her seats covered with greasy burrito filling.


    Also a rule for life in general!

    7. Don't jump the line.

    The "first come, first serve" policy is simple and finite. No cuts!

    8. ...But feel free to decline a ride.

    (If the person seems super sketch.)

    9. Keep your thirst to yourself.

    If there's a hottie in your carpool, consider that maybe they don't want to be hit on on their way to work. (On the other hand, if you're in a succesful casual carpool-originating relationship, let us know!)

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