The 23 Hottest TV Dads Of All Time

In very careful order, here are the hunkiest men to ever order someone to go wash their car.

23. Jim Halpert, The Office

Want to pin it to my wall like a mildly funny Dilbert cartoon.

22. Rufus Humphrey, Gossip Girl

He cooks. He cleans. He somehow made enough money in a shitty ’90s alt-rock band to afford a sweet-ass Dumbo loft. Just try to forget about the fact that his son is the douchiest person in Brooklyn, which is saying something.

21. John Winchester, Supernatural

Train up your sons in the way they shall go (supernatural hunting), and when they are older, they will not depart from it. Also, hi John.

20. Chris Argent, Teen Wolf

JR Bourne, you can come hunt werewolves in my apartment any time.

19. Ricky Ricardo, I Love Lucy

Hulton Archive / Getty Images

Desi Arnaz’ hunky looks must have made sleeping in those twin beds THAT much more painful.

18. Fitz Grant, Scandal

Legendary commander of chief with a secret briefcase full of CHISELED JAWLINE.

17. Christopher Hayden, Gilmore Girls

David Sutcliffe played Rory’s dad who briefly reunited — and married — Lorelai in season seven of Gilmore Girls. WORTH IT, LORELAI. WORTH. IT.

16. Jimmy McNulty, The Wire

Good at work, not so good at his personal life. Eh, who cares.

15. Jesse Katsopolis, Full House

If you didn’t have a thing for Uncle Jesse’s hunky goofball swag, I don’t even know where to start with you.

14. Flex Washington, One on One

Samir Hussein / Getty Images

I’d flex it. I’D FLEX IT.

13. Seeley Booth, Bones

He delivered his OWN CHILD. In a stable. So Mary and Joseph-y.

12. Kevin Hamilton, Awkward

I can’t find Mike Faiola’s age, but c’mon, this dude is way too young and hot to be playing a dad to a teenager, right? I guess that’s my only complaint.

11. Maxwell Sheffield, The Nanny

Oh, I’m sorry, did someone say “sexy Broadway producer who’s tough but sensitive”?

10. Don Draper, Mad Men

Not the best father figure. But maybe the best father figure. If you know what I mean.

9. Dexter Morgan, Dexter

Murdering people and MY HEART.

8. Andy Griffith, The Andy Griffith Show

Admit it. Admit it!

7. Sam Bennett, Private Practice

A hot doctor who’s also a grandfather now. So… GILF?

6. Jaime Lannister, Game of Thrones

Cons: DEFINITELY hard into the incest thing. Pros: Everything else.

5. Elliot Stabler, Law and Order: SVU

Closes every case. Dad of five. Packs two other kinds of guns. (See above.)

4. Jin-Soo Kwon, Lost

A tragic ending. Less-than-tragic abs.

3. Sandy Cohen, The O.C.

Peter Gallagher oozed Greenpeace-y sex appeal as Sandy Cohen, the ultimate public defender and idealistic do-gooder marooned in the nouveau ditch of Newport Beach. Bonus handsome points for those two brilliant eyebrows.

2. Mark “McSteamy” Sloan, Grey’s Anatomy

No one else will be able to rock a baby Bjorn with so much raw magnetism.

1. Coach Taylor, Friday Night Lights

Dad I’d Like To Give Me Stern But Worldview-Altering Advice On Life And Love

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