The Ages In "My Best Friend's Wedding" Are Seriously Messed Up

    Brace yourselves. This is horrifying.

    Remember when you saw My Best Friend's Wedding when you were a kid?

    And everyone seemed really old, because they were "adults"?

    Well, here's the shocking truth: Julia Roberts' character, Julianne Potter, is a food critic who's only 27 YEARS OLD.

    She has a pact with her ex-boyfriend Michael that if they're both not married by the time they turn 28, they'll marry each other.


    Three weeks before her 28th birthday, Michael tells her that in four days, he will marry Kimmy Wallace, a 20-year-old University of Chicago student.

    That's right, Cameron Diaz' character was only 20 years old.

    Remember how she was going to drop out of college to marry what's his face?

    Because she's only 20.

    So basically, if you're a single twenty-something, you'd better make your marriage pact now or be doomed to cradle-rob at the nearest community college ASAP.

    It's ALMOST as bad as this shocking revelation of ages: