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30 Words That Have A Different Meaning After You Turn 30

The party don't start 'til I go home and go to bed.

1. "Late"

Used to mean: 3 a.m.–4 a.m.

Now it means: Anytime past 11 p.m.

2. "Sunscreen"

Used to mean: The SPF 8 you slathered on before hitting the beach.

Now it means: ::marinates body in SPF 45::

3. "Blacked out"

Used to mean: Too many alcoholic beverages led you to short-term memory loss the night before.

Now it means: Passed out from exhaustion on your bed at 8 p.m. still wearing your work clothes.

4. "Metabolism"

Used to mean: A blessing that lets you eat and drink whatever you want.

Now it means: A sluggish curse that sends every slice of pizza directly to your thighs.

5. "Friends"

Used to mean: A show about people who seemed sooooo old.

Now it means: A show about people younger than you.

6. "So drunk"

Used to mean: Doing so many shots and beers!

Now it means: Having two glasses of sauvignon blanc on an empty stomach.

7. "Acne"

Used to mean: Not being able to stop your face from breaking out.


8. "Rejection"

Used to mean: Something that would totally cripple you.

Now it means: ♫ On to the next one ♫

9. "Concert"

Used to mean: RAGE ALL NIGHT.

Now it means: I just want to ::sit down:: and watch some nice music. Is that too much to ask??

10. "Heartburn"

Used to mean: Something your parents complained about.

Now it means: Ouch my esophagus oh my god ow ow ow NOO oh god

11. "A jerk"

Used to mean: Someone you dated anyway, because he's *so cute.*

Now it means: Nope, nope, no way, bye.

12. "Young people"

Used to mean: High school students.

Now it means: Literally all twentysomethings.

13. "New clothes"

Used to mean: Blowing $80 on a few trendy things at Forever 21 or H&M.

Now it means: Those Theory pants look so classic. And comfortable!

14. "When I was your age"

Used to mean: Something you said ironically.

Now it means: Something you say wistfully and with complete earnestness.

15. "Hotel"

Used to mean: A hostel or the Super 8.

Now it means: Anywhere with a decent bed and points you can get on your credit card.

16. "Backache"

Used to mean: Something you got after working out or lifting something heavy.

Now it means: Something you wake up with EVERY FREAKING DAY.

17. "Classic rock"

Used to mean: The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and CCR.

Now it means: Music you listened to in high school. :(

18. "Dark circles"

Used to mean: Something you'd wake up with under your eyes if you didn't get enough sleep.

Now it means: Something you wake up with.

19. "2000s"

Used to mean: The decade you wore boot-cut khakis and rocked out to Avril Lavigne.

Now it means: The decade high school students were BORN in.

20. "Gas"

Used to mean: Stuff you fill up your car with.

Now it means: Stuff that fills your intestines if you even LOOK at Taco Bell.

21. "Divorce"

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Used to mean: Something that happened to your parents or your friends' parents.

Now it means: Something that happens to your friends.

22. "Pregaming"

Used to mean: Slamming shots before you hit the club.

Now it means: Slamming green juice before you hit the hiking trails.

23. "Wrinkle cream"

Used to mean: The Olay Regenerist that lined your mom's bathroom cabinet.

Now it means: Discussing eye serums with your friends, and taking notes.

24. "Getting up early"

Used to mean: Waking up at 9 to pregame before the football game.

Now it means: Waking up at 9 to get to the farmers' market early. (The good tomatoes go SO fast.)

25. "Being single"

Used to mean: Being the fun one who could flirt up at a storm at the bar.

Now it means: Being the only one not posting photos of your toddler on Facebook.

26. "Jägermeister"

Used to mean: WOO HOO PARTY TIME!

Now it means: ::clutches intestines at the mere thought::

27. "Crush"

Used to mean: A fun fantasy you have about the cute person on your soccer team.

Now it means: A fun fantasy you can never act on because they, like everyone else, are already married. :(

28. "Gossip"

Used to mean: Something that'd crush your soul if you found out someone was talking about you.

Now it means: Lol, who cares?

29. "Twerking"

Used to mean: Your signature dance move.

Now it means: You're over 30. You don't get low.

30. "Twenties"

Used to mean: A time of your life you miss deeply.

Now it means: A time you're glad to be done with, because your thirties are the best decade of your life.