People Are Sharing Which Celebrities They Think Would've Have Played A Character Better

    "James Marsden could replace Chris Pratt in most of his movie roles."

    I recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell me which actors they wish had played certain roles, as opposed to the ones who ultimately got the part.

    I can totally see the sentiment behind a lot of the answers I got.

    Others, not so much (cough, Jack Black, cough).

    Here's what people had to say:

    1. "I think Ginger Minj or Latrice Royale would have been perfect as Ursula, especially since her design is based on Divine, the character's history is written in tandem with queer history."


    latrice royale

    2. I think Debra Messing should have played Lucille Ball in Being the Ricardos. I know that the movie was about more than just I Love Lucy and Nicole Kidman is an incredible actress, but in my opinion Debra Messing just fits the mannerisms and charisma of Lucille Ball more."


    debra messing as lucille ball on will and grace

    3. "Alexander Skarsgård as Christian Grey. Not that I’m really that into the franchise but he would have been perfect."


    "I pictured Ian Somerhalder as Christian before." —lv888

    alexander skarsgard

    4. "Angela Bassett for Storm in the X-Men series. I love me some Halle Berry but she is NOT tough enough to be Storm. Bassett woulda nailed it!!!"


    5. "Possible controversial opinion: I didn’t think Halle Berry was right for the role of Sofia in John Wick 3. There’s no doubt that she’s hot and physically fit for that type of role but I didn’t buy her 'anger' or acting. Supposedly there was a back story of her working relationship with John Wick but I didn’t feel the chemistry. I’m sure people will argue that the John Wick series doesn’t rely on 'good acting' however I do think that when actors don’t have chemistry it makes the story or moment go flat. Someone said Angela Bassett would have made a better Storm in the X-Men series and I can see her as a better Sofia in John Wick 3."

    angela bassett

    6. "Lily Collins would have for sure been my first pick to play Belle in the live-action Beauty and the Beast film. Her look and vibe are perfect for it and her vocals would have no doubt been an improvement over Watson’s."

    "I know she already played Snow White in Mirror Mirror, but that was non-Disney made. Totally a missed opportunity IMO!" —shazzy

    lily collins

    7. "I don't think Jack Black was a good fit as a romantic lead opposite Kate Winslet in The Holiday, and would've loved to see his character Miles played by Ewan McGregor."

    "Ewan is such a versatile actor who would’ve given a great performance as a film composer who gives Kate’s character, Iris, a fresh outlook on life and love, and he also would've had better romantic chemistry with Kate." —mavmag

    ewan mcgregor

    8. "Sacha Baron Cohen as Freddie Mercury. Rami Malek did an amazing job, but I’d still love to see a Cohen version."


    sacha baron cohen

    9. "I wish Han Solo had been played by someone with similar height and build to Harrison Ford, like Miles Teller or Aaron Taylor-Johnson. And included more line deliveries that seemed Han Solo-ish. Alden Ehrenreich is too short and proportionally too broad-shouldered for his physicality to be right."


    "Granted the film still turned out good but, Anthony Ingruber would have been great as young Han Solo in Solo: A Star Wars Story. He even played a younger version of Ford in another movie!" —PennywiseSav

    anthony ingruber

    10. "I would've loved to see Grant Gustin in the role of Tony in Steven Spielbergs West Side Story. I don’t think Ansel Elgort had any chemistry with Rachel Zegler, and was very underwhelmed by the forbidden love element of the film, as well as by the romantic moments that included the should’ve-been-iconic 'Tonight.'"

    "I think Grant is a terrific performer who would’ve nailed every one of Tony’s musical numbers, and in addition to having better romantic chemistry with Rachel, his scenes opposite Mike Faist’s Riff would’ve been more impactful to the overall film." —capcadet

    grant gustin

    11. "I think Paris Jackson should play Madonna. But Julia Garner will probably do a great job."


    paris jackson

    12. "Rupert Friend plays the Grand Inquisitor in Kenobi and does a great job but I also can’t help but think how great Jason Isaacs (yes, Lucius Malfoy) who did the voice for the animated character would have brought to the screen."


    jason isaacs

    13. "Rose Leslie as Ginny Weasley. Although I know that her character being exceptionally underdeveloped in the films is largely a result of the writing, I feel like Rose Leslie could have brought to life Ginny's spark and daring spirit that was portrayed in the books and was especially evident later in the series."


    rose leslie

    14. "James Marsden as Owen Grady instead of Chris Pratt [in Jurassic World] — really James Marsden could replace Chris Pratt in most of his movie roles."


    james marsden

    15. "I've always thought Parker Posey as Æon Flux would have done the character and live-action film justice."


    parker posey

    16. "Younger Hannah Murray (Cassie from Skins) would have been really good as Carrie in Carrie."


    hannah murray

    What do you think of these choices? Sound off in the comments.