11 Hilarious Camera Crew Blunders That Were Just Straight-Up Left In Movies

    How did NO ONE notice he was in the shot?

    Movies don't get made without the wonderful work of camera crews. But let's be honest: With all the moving parts that make "movie magic" possible, you're bound to forget your crew is there amidst the action.

    So I've compiled a list of times the camera crews got a little too involved in the their films:

    1. In Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, you can see a WHOLE camera crew on the left side of the shot when Snape picks up Malfoy during the dueling club scene. They tried to darken it in the final edit, so I brightened that sucker up:

    A better look:

    Close up on camera crew filming behind Snape and Malfoy

    2. In the middle of a shootout scene in Terminator 2: Judgement Day, a crew member outside decides to get a look at the fight through the window, unaware he is in frame. It kind of ruins the tension of the scene to see a man calmly observe the action.

    Look at my man being all sneaky:

    Zoomed in shot on a man watching gunfight

    3. During the chariot battle in Gladiator, you can see a hooded crew member aboard the chariot seconds before a bloody death scene. Unless the Romans were sporting black work boots and a hoodie in Ancient Rome, I'd say this wasn't meant to be seen.

    A hooded man hides on a chariot during a battle scene

    4. In Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, a very unique shipmate is aboard. Or, should I say, a quite literal crew member:

    A man with a straw hat stands on deck with Jack Sparrow and his crew

    5. In The Matrix, we have one scene where you don't just see "The One" and Morphius in the reflection of the doorknob. You can also see a camera:

    A closer look:

    Closeup of the doorknob with a cameraman in the reflection

    6. During a cool action shot in Speed, showcasing the police chopper diving into frame in front of a speeding bus with an escort of squad cars, you can just flat-out see the camera crew under the bridge.

    The one legitimate argument that I could see for this goof is that this ties into the storyline and can be written off as "press" following the "very real car chase" in canon:

    Closer shot of a camera crew hides under a bridge while filming a movie scene

    7. Sometimes the camera itself takes friendly fire. Here's Jack raging in The Shining, when one of the items he knocks off the table hits the top right of the screen, bouncing off the camera and ricocheting across his walking path.

    8. Here's another one, in Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, where Aragorn walks by and (what I believe to be) the top of his bow hits the camera screen. Look closely at Frodo and the tree behind him, because you can see the shot lift from the little nudge:

    9. When Jack joins the upper-class section of the ship in Titanic, you can see the reflection of someone walking gingerly with the camera in the reflection of the glass window.

    It's hard to make out at first, but in motion, it's too obvious it is the camera mount:

    Close up of the same shot

    10. During an interaction in Braveheart, right when the camera cuts, you can see a man in a baseball cap at the top left-hand side of the screen walk behind the onlookers:

    Closer look at my man who walks around like this is just some Scottish warrior reenactment festival and not a historical drama:

    A closer shot of the man in a baseball cap in a "Braveheart" scene

    11. And finally, I needed to include Robert Rodriguez on this list with his brief cameo in the reflection of a mirror while filming a scene in the first Spy Kids movie. He captured a true artist at work:

    Robert Rodriguez with a camera in the reflection of a mirror

    Which is your favorite camera-crew-involved goof? Is there a movie scene not on here that you can think of where a crew member is visible? Comment below!