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Which Show Fully Lost Its Original Plot As The Seasons Went On?

Remember when Riverdale was about one (1) murder...

We've all been there: deep in Season 4 of what started out as a fairly standard teen mystery show and wondering how the heck we ended up watching an organ-harvesting cult leader try to blast off in his rocket ship. (Not a euphemism!)

Edgar in his rocket ship with the caption "love this teen drama!"

But this happens ALL the time on TV! I saw this TikTok the other day that pointed out how One Tree Hill started as a regular teen drama about a couple of brothers playing basketball and by Season 9...Nathan Scott was just like fully kidnapped and held captive for the bulk of the season???

Still of Nathan kidnapped in Season 9 of "One Tree Hill" with the original description of the show from Season 1 about two brothers playing basketball over it

Or maybe it's something less chaotic, like Younger, which was originally about a 40-year-old woman lying pretending she was 26 to start over in the publishing industry (a very fun plot!); but once all the characters found out, it completely lost its concept and had trouble moving forward?

A still from Season 1 of younger with Liza and Kelsey and the caption "Sigh, the good ole days"

Of course, your brain probably went right to Glee, which started out as a fun musical drama about a glee club and eventually led us...well, here:

Still of the Glee cast performing "What Does the Fox Say?" on Season 5 Episode 7 of the show

And not to harp on Riverdale too much but remember when that show was about ONE (1) murder and the angst of being a teenager...and by now at least 100 people have been murdered and everything from waterboarding with maple syrup to levitating babies to Archie getting mauled by a bear has happened.

Toni next to Cheryl asking, "Do you mean...cannibalism?"

You get the idea! What are some shows that you can think of that veered so far from their original plan? Share yours and it might be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video!