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15 Pics Of Taylor Swift Honestly Having A Great Time With Other Celebs At The 2023 Video Music Awards

Taylor Swift's fan reaction to NSYNC was so wholesome...

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The 2023 Video Music Awards was a star-studded event full of great performances, tons of big-name celebs, and even a fair share of awkward moments. The show honestly seemed like a super fun time, and Taylor Swift — who took home nine awards — was having a blast!

closeup of taylor in shock accepting an award

Since Taylor was enjoying her time alongside her fellow celebs, here's a look at 15 wholesome and sweet pics of her with other stars:

1. Of course, Taylor spent time with her longtime best friend Selena Gomez:

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2. And here they are sharing a hug:

3. Taylor was seated near Sabrina Carpenter, who supported her on recent Eras Tour dates:

closeup of the two

4. And here they are sharing some secrets:

taylor whispering to sabrina

5. Taylor posed with Ice Spice and Ashanti during the show:

6. And here's Taylor and Ice Spice having so much fun in the audience together:

taylor and ice spice laughing and drinking in their seats

7. Next up, here's Taylor with her "favorite Sagittarius" Nicki Minaj:

closeup of the two

8. And here they are hugging on the red carpet:

taylor and nicki hugging on the pink carpet

9. Taylor took a sweet pic with Halle and Chloe Bailey:

closeup of the 3

10. And here she is with Diddy, who took home this year's Global Icon award:

closeup of the two with diddy holding his award

11. Taylor also shared a sweet moment with Billy Porter, who previously appeared in her "You Need to Calm Down" music video:

the two excited and hugging each other

12. And, of course, Taylor had super sweet moments with the major stars who presented her with her awards throughout the night. Here she is hugging Timbaland...

the two on stage

13. And LL Cool J...

the two greeting each other with cheek kisses

14. And finally, Taylor had such a fan moment with NSYNC who presented her with her first award of the night for Best Pop:

taylor excitingly hugging the members

15. She was adorably gifted Little Words Project friendship bracelets by Lance Bass, an act that is a hallmark of Taylor's whole Eras Tour experience.

taylor accepting the bracelets

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