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    23 Sad Movie Moments That Were So Impactful, People Sobbed Out Loud At The Theater

    "Take her to the moon for me."

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which movie scenes they vividly remember watching in a movie theater — and many of them were ones that resulted in a collective sob fest because they were so sad. Here are some of the best responses:

    Of course, there are many many more sad movie scenes — but these are ones where people remembered their movie theater experiences. Please feel free to share yours in the comments below.

    🚨Warning: MASSIVE spoilers ahead! 🚨

    1. When Tony Stark died in Avengers: Endgame:

    Tony Stark's last scene

    "My sister-in-law blew her nose and the whole theater laughed. You could tell there were sobs everywhere."


    2. When Snape dies in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2:

    Snape says "You have your mother's eyes" right before he dies
    Warner Bros. Pictures

    "When Snape was dying in Deathly Hallows and Harry comes up with the vial to catch his tears, and he says 'You have your mother’s eyes,' the entire theater broke. Everyone was already quietly crying and sniffling, but when the line was said, you could hear the turmoil in the room. People were gasping, crying out, and openly sobbing."


    3. When Augustus, Hazel, and Isaac have a pre-funeral wake in The Fault in Our Stars:

    20th Century Fox

    "There was not a dry eye in the theater. I remember the elderly couple in front of me saying, 'I didn't know it was going to be so sad.'"


    4. When Robert has to kill his dog in I Am Legend:

    Warner Bros. Pictures

    "There was an audible gasp, I haven’t experienced that before or since."


    5. When Mufasa dies in The Lion King:


    "So no one wants to talk about Mufasa’s death? Or any scene in The Lion King for that matter. I didn’t see if in theaters (because I wasn’t alive yet) but relatives have and they said the theater was dumbstruck when they got to the stampede scene."


    6. When the toys hold hands in the incinerator in Toy Story 3:


    "When I saw Toy Story 3 in theaters, this little boy behind me started crying when the gang is in the incinerator and saying, 'I wanna leave, I wanna leave!' I felt so bad."


    7. Okay, the entire dusting sequence in Avengers: Infinity War was so sad, but specifically when T'Challa is dusted...

    T'Challa right before he is dusted in Avengers: Infinity War

    "When I saw Avengers: Infinity War, there was a woman in the theater who screamed out 'T’Challa, NO!' when he got dusted. When I’ve watched it at home, I always say that now!"


    8. ...and when Peter Parker gets dusted too:


    "Seeing Avengers: Infinity War in the theater, when Spider-Man DIED, a bunch of TEENAGE boys in the front row, literally jumped up and screamed 'NOOOOOOO!'"


    "When Peter Parker got dusted, I was in the theater with a bunch of my friends and one of them was like 'No, Tom Holland can't dieeeeeee.'"


    9. When Miguel sings "Remember Me" to Mama Coco in Coco and she sings along — a moment that was both sad and happy and so many other emotions:


    "I was in tears and you could hear people bawling loudly all over the theater."


    "It destroyed everyone in the theater and we all dissolved into ugly sobs. Still my favorite Pixar movie 💙."


    10. When Flynn "dies" in Tangled:

    Flynn almost dies in Rapunzel's arms in Tangled

    "I saw Tangled in theaters and when Flynn 'dies,' you could tell everyone in the audience was trying not to cry. Then one little girl shouts at the top of her lungs 'I'M. SO. SAD.' It was so cute and pitiful, I think it helped a lot of people suck those tears back in."


    11. When Marley dies at the end of Marley & Me:

    20th Century Fox

    "Everyone in the theater was crying."


    12. When Katniss makes a memorial for Rue and gives the Three Finger Salute in The Hunger Games:

    Katniss gives the Three Finger Salute

    "Not a verbal reaction but...on opening night of the first Hunger Games movie when Katniss finishes her memorial for Rue and gives the Three Finger Salute, most people in the theater were in tears and gave the salute as well."


    13. When John Coffey, a completely innocent man, asks not to have the hood on because he's afraid of the dark when he is about to be executed in The Green Mile:

    Universal Pictures

    "Lots of crying, pretty sure there were sobs as well and it wasn’t just from me!"


    14. When Natasha sacrificed herself at Vormir in Avengers: Endgame:


    "I remember in Endgame when Black Widow died, there was this girl that was SOBBING so loud like a lot of people were crying but she was full on sobbing." 


    15. When things aren't looking great for Wall-E in Wall-E:


    "When Wall-E's health was failing and they were rushing back to Earth to get his parts replaced. There was a few seconds there where you think he's going to die. A kid cried out in tears, 'What's going to happen to WALL-E?' We all laughed cause, secretly, we all were scared too."


    16. When Jack dies at the end of Titanic:

    Paramount Pictures

    "Oldie, but in Titanic when Jack dies! I saw this in theaters twice and everyone was crying. You could feel the sadness when Rose let him sink."


    17. When Jojo finds his mother was hanged in Jojo Rabbit:

    Jojo embracing his mother's feet in Jojo Rabbit.
    Fox Searchlight Pictures

    "In Jojo Rabbit when Jojo is following the butterfly and then sees his mom’s feet swaying in the air because she’d been caught and killed. Outside of Marvel movies on opening night, I haven’t been in a theater with that big of a reaction — people were sobbing. The shot of Jojo trying to tie his mom’s shoelaces made me ugly cry."


    18. When Ray dies in The Princess and The Frog:


    "Everyone was so sad when Ray the firefly died, but the little girl one row ahead of me said, 'But mommy, why did the bug die? Is he really dead?' It was so so cute and also so sad. I was glad to see how engaged everyone was."


    19. When Rey thinks she blew up the ship that Chewbacca was on in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker:

    Rey thinks she blew up Chewbacca's ship

    "I was at the midnight first showing and I could not understand why a family brought a little 4- or 5-year-old girl to the show. When everyone thought Chewie was dead, there was shocked silence until we heard a high little voice ring out from the back. She said in her loud but tiny clear voice, 'Oh Mama, not Chewie, not Chewie, Mama no' then WE ALL SOBBED AS ONE AND CHEERED OUR BUTTS OFF WHEN HIS FATE WAS REVEALED. She was the loudest of all."


    20. When Bing Bong sacrifices himself in Inside Out:


    "I cried actual tears."


    21. When Landon breaks down to his dad in A Walk to Remember:

    Warner Bros.

    "I remember going to see A Walk to Remember in theaters with my family. I was a 'too cool' teen who was terrified of just generally showing emotion. I held it in for so long, but when Landon broke down in tears to his dad I let out what can only be described as a guttural sob. I was instantly embarrassed, but my sob literally broke the floodgates and I immediately heard cries all around the theater."


    22. When Jackson Maine dies by suicide in A Star Is Born and his dog is outside the garage door:

    Warner Bros. Pictures

    "I had to hold my hands over my mouth because I was absolutely SOBBING."


    23. And finally, whole entire opening montage in Up:


    "I remember seeing the Pixar movie Up in the theater. After the heartbreaking opening montage that shows Carl and Ellie growing old together, everyone in the audience was silent. A little voice rose through the crowd asking very innocently, 'What happened?' It still makes me laugh when I think about it!"


    Do you have any memorable communal weeping experiences at the movie theater? Share them in the comments below!

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