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    Lana Condor And Her BF Anthony De La Torre Are Low-Key The Funniest Couple On Social Media

    "Pretending to be asleep so the snuggles don't end..."

    So, we all know Lana Condor, star of the To All the Boys I've Loved Before movies and all-around delightful human.

    What you may not know is that Lana has been in a relationship with actor and singer Anthony De La Torre for over five years. I recently discovered his TikTok account — which is essentially a treasure trove of adorable content of the two of them being the cutest couple I've ever seen.

    Since I want you to smile too, I've rounded up some of their sweetest and funniest moments on social media:

    1. When Lana adorably (and drunkenly) decided to get bangs and Anthony was fully supportive:

    Lana deciding to get bangs on TikTok

    2. When Anthony showed the daily struggle of getting Lana to pick something to eat for dinner:

    Lana choosing between dumplings, pizza, or both for dinner

    3. When Anthony shared a picture of his favorite person at his favorite place:

    4.'s so cute:

    Anthony and Lana snuggling with the caption pretending to be asleep so the snuggles don't end

    5. When Lana shared this snuggling photo on their five-year anniversary:

    6. When Anthony showed Lana totally buggin' over a VR game:

    Lana Condor playing a VR game and getting scared

    7. When Anthony shared a cute video of his girls, with the caption "my perfect morning":

    Lana snuggling with her dog Emmy

    8. When Anthony called Lana his world and posted this adorable pic:

    9. When they fully aced this relationship test:

    Lana and Anthony taking a relationship test with the question "who initiated the first kiss"

    10. When they did an adorable lil' TikTok dance:

    Lana and Anthony doing a dance at home

    11. And when they ended their dance with a hug:

    Lana and Anthony hugging

    12. When Lana shared a bunch of adorable pics on Anthony's birthday:

    13. When Lana and Anthony did some "sleepy dancing":

    Lana and Anthony doing sleepy dancing at 6 am

    14. When Anthony revealed that his and Lana's perfect night includes some SpongeBob and some hand-holding:

    Anthony and Lana holding hands and watching spongebob, which he calls a perfect night

    15. When Lana took over Anthony's TikTok account:

    Lana taking over Anthony's TikTok

    16. When they decided to get all dressed up for a photo shoot in their driveway after months of wearing sweatpants:

    17. When they did another TikTok dance, but this time in fancier clothes:

    Lana and Anthony dancing

    18. And when they ended another dance video with a kiss:

    Lana and Anthony kissing

    19. And, of course, when they recorded their song "No Way" together and made this delightful music video:

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    Please keep the extremely cute content coming, you two! For more adorable Lana content, check out our puppy interview with her:

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