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    Lana Condor Is Engaged To Her Boyfriend Of Six Years, And The Professional Photo Shoot They Did Announcing The News Is Worthy Of Lara Jean Covey's Wildest Dreams

    How fitting for a rom-com princess!

    Lana Condor may have stolen all our hearts with her starring role in the To All the Boys I've Loved Before film franchise, but there's only one man she's saying "always and forever" to.

    Lana and Anthony posing at a Netflix event

    The 24-year-old actor is now engaged to her boyfriend of six years, actor and singer-songwriter Anthony De La Torre!

    Lana announced the news with an enchanting photo of the two on Instagram, showing off her gorgeous ring and their picture-perfect color-coordinated outfits.

    "Saying YES was the easiest decision I’ve ever made," she wrote. "I consider myself the absolute luckiest woman alive to live in your sphere. Aside from my father, without a doubt, you are the greatest man in the world."

    She continued, "💍: Anthony worked with the INCREDIBLE Vietnamese female-owned @parisjewellerscanada to design the most stunning piece I’ve ever seen! The fact he knew how important it was to me that he’d collaborate w/ a Vietnamese company to help design my ring is a testament to just how truly thoughtful he always is. I cannot wait to be your wife, baby. I love you a million times over."

    Anthony wearing a suit as he poses for a photo with Lana, who's wearing a low-cut dress at an event

    In the second slide, Lana posted a heartwarming clip of her reacting to the happy moment. "Oh my God, you're my fiancé," she said with tears of joy. "I love you."

    Lana and Anthony look at each other adorably as they stand as photographers take their picture at a red carpet event

    In a separate post celebrating the milestone, Anthony wrote, "That moment when you ask your best friend to be by your side forever…I’ve wanted to do this for 6 years. The easiest decision I’ve ever made was to ask this angel to be my wife."

    The 28-year-old shared some of the same photos as his bride-to-be, along with an adorable selfie of the couple and a few shots of them popping Champagne. "P.S. yes that was my first time opening a bottle of champagne 😂," he added.

    The couple began dating in 2015, after meeting at an Emmys event in Beverly Hills, California. And if you were wondering just how good a match this pairing is, Anthony routinely writes love letters to Lana à la Lara Jean Covey (but, like, he actually sends them, obvs).

    The couple holding a large dog as they sit on a couch during a Young Hollywood event

    In February 2020, the couple also released a song together called "Raining in London," which marked Lana's music debut.

    Congrats to the lovely couple!