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    Lana Condor Answered Questions While Playing With Puppies And It Was Amazing

    "I wanted to show younger girls someone who looks like themselves on camera so that they believe they can do it too."

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    Maybe you fell in love with Lana Condor after her role as Lara Jean in To All the Boys I've Loved Before or you recently discovered that she's a total badass after watching Deadly Class...

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    ...either way you're going to LOVE this interview she just did while playing with puppies:

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    What advice do you think Lara Jean would give to Saya and vice versa?


    Lana Condor: Lara Jean would give the advice to Saya to be less aggressive. To chill out and just like write a letter. You don’t gotta go around like swinging swords, you can just write a letter. And I think Saya would tell Lara Jean to stand up for herself more.

    Do you feel like you’re more like Saya from Deadly Class or Lara from To All the Boys?


    LC: I definitely feel like I’m more like Lara Jean from To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before because for a major reason, I don’t kill people. And also because, I don’t know, I think Lara Jean is so sweet and friendly and Saya is not very friendly.

    What’s a role that you auditioned for that you didn’t get but really wanted?


    LC: I auditioned for Star Wars and I didn’t get that. You know what I really, really wanted? There’s a show called The Runaways and I really, really wanted it very badly. I was so close and then I didn’t get it, and then I ended up getting To All the Boys instead, which I’m very, very happy about.

    It’s super early on, but what can you tease about the To All the Boys sequel? What are you most excited for?


    LC: Well, I’m really excited. There’s going to be a new love interest along with Peter Kavinsky. There’s gonna be a new love interest, John Ambrose, which is gonna be epic. I’m really excited about that because I really can’t wait to see the drama between the two boys and get fought over. I love that. So, I can’t wait for that. And I can’t wait to see my sisters again, Janel [Parrish] and Anna [Cathcart]. I’m very, very excited to see them.

    Who is your dream actress to work with and why?


    LC: Emily Blunt is my dream actress to work with. I actually was super close to her at the Golden Globes this weekend, but of course, I’m not confident enough yet to meet her, but I will someday. Someday I’ll go up and say hi. I love her so much, she’s amazing. And I love that she’s such a family person as well and she makes time for her family and what’s really important.

    How does it feel to have seen such little Asian representation on screen when you were younger, to now becoming one of the people who has been such an inspiration to the Asian community?


    LC: I’m so emotional right now because I’m with these dogs and that question made me emotional. I think growing up I didn’t see myself represented that much on screen, almost to the point where I didn’t even know that that was something I was missing from my life. So, I decided like that was all I wanted to do. I wanted to show younger girls someone who looks like themselves on camera so that they believe they can do it too. Shit, the industry is hard enough. And there have been so many young girls since Lara Jean and since To All the Boys and Deadly Class that have been really emotional and really excited to see someone who looks like them. And they feel seen and heard. It’s really an amazing and magical experience.

    What’s your favorite movie of all time?


    LC: Devil Wears Prada. Devil Wears Prada is my favorite movie. What does she do. She goes, “That’s all.” And I love that. I did that to my parents after watching Devil Wears Prada like I don’t know, when I was like 12 or 13 or whatever. After that I would only “That’s all” to my parents. They were like, “Ugh, this girl.”

    When Noah Centineo was here he did an impression of you. What’s your best impression of Noah?


    LC: Well, obviously the “whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.” Obviously that. But, he goes like this a lot [making head and arm movements]. He’s so bro-y and broad. He goes, “You know what I mean, huh?” a lot. But the, “whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa” is definitely my best impression of him.

    Who was your celebrity crush growing up?


    LC: That’s easy, Zac Efron was my crush. I was the perfect age for High School Musical. I was THE demographic. [Sings "Bet On It"]. I was like, “Yes, I feel that angst.” No, I’ve never met Zac Efron and I really...I don't think I can. I don't think I can. I don’t think my life will be the same after I meet him. So, i think it’s probably for the best. I don’t think I’ll make it. I think I’ll throw myself to the ground and die after that.

    What was it like working with Janel Parrish? Do you ever watch Pretty Little Liars?


    LC: Working with Janel Parrish was AMAZING because she played my older sister, but I felt like she was my older sister in real life. And of course I watched Pretty Little Liars and I’m such a big fan. And she’s just genuinely like the most amazing person and she provided so much advice for me and help because she’s been doing this way longer than me. So, she’s just been amazing and I feel like I can talk to her about anything.

    What inspired you to take the role of Lara Jean?


    LC: Her good heart. That’s what inspired me, her good heart.

    If you and Noah were to remake an iconic rom-com together, which one would it be and why?


    LC: I guess, maybe, Bridget Jones’s Diary. That would be really fun. Or Devil Wears Prada. That’s like ish a rom-com.

    Do you think Lara Jean will ever get her scrunchie back?


    LC: I don’t know. I don’t think so. Also, I don’t think Lara Jean wants her scrunchie back because I think Lara Jean is a smart woman and she knows, don’t share hair products. And with Genevieve, you don’t know where she has her hair. So, I don’t think she wants it back. But it’s funny, ever since I did the movie, a lot of people will send me scrunchies.

    Let’s do one more. Who is your favorite Disney princess?


    LC: Mulan, of course. “I’ll Make A Man Out Of You," Mulan, Mushu. Not a princess, but in the family.

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    Be sure to check out Lana Condor in Deadly Class, which airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on SYFY.

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