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    Ken Jennings Was Crowned The "Jeopardy!" Greatest Of All Time And His Reaction Was Super Pure

    "That was the best playing I’ve ever seen and I’ve been watching Jeopardy! for 35 years."

    If you watched the Jeopardy!: The Greatest of All Time tournament, you know that contestants Ken Jennings, James Holzhauer, and Brad Rutter engaged in quite a bit of hilarious smack talk and Twitter trolling throughout the event.

    BREAKING: I have decided to follow @James_Holzhauer on Twitter, since he’s been following me on Jeopardy all week.

    Well, last night, Ken was officially crowned the greatest of all time after winning three out of the four nights, and he and his fellow contestants had nothing but love for one another.


    Honestly, his facial expression here of pure joy is one of the cutest things I've seen in a while.

    Despite all the hilarious jabs they threw back and forth throughout the competition, both James and Brad were genuinely happy for their frenemy:


    Ken took home $1 million, while both James and Brad walked away with $250,000. Not too shabby!

    After the show, Brad sent Ken even more well wishes and tried to pick up on some of his "buzzer mojo" for next time (PLEASE, let there be a next time!):

    Huge congrats to my old frenemy @KenJennings on his most impressive #JeopardyGOAT victory. That was the best playing I’ve ever seen and I’ve been watching @Jeopardy for 35 years. Pictured: me trying to absorb some buzzer mojo in case there’s a next time

    But he couldn't resist a little light James trolling:

    Congrats to @James_Holzhauer as well. Have the New Orleans Saints been in touch about a job? Because with their tendency to talk a bunch of trash after losing in the playoffs, you’ll fit right in.

    Meanwhile, James was happy to concede the GOAT title to Ken:

    He shared a series of super-gracious tweets about the event:

    Thanks to @KenJennings and @bradrutter for a hell of a match. Ken and Brad are great @Jeopardy players but even better people, and have been incredibly good sports about my kayfabe feuding and trash talk.

    And had a poignant message for ABC and Alex Trebek:

    Thanks to @ABCNetwork for taking a chance on us, to everyone on the @Jeopardy team for everything they do, and especially to Alex Trebek for gutting through the fight of his life to deliver an absolute A+ performance in prime time.

    But continued to crack me up with his wit:

    Literally no. Did you even watch?

    Of course, Ken had his own series of sweet tweets for his competitors:

    @James_Holzhauer @bradrutter got some tough breaks in this tourney, but real Jeopardy-heads know him as the guy who beat me in three straight tournament finals. For over a decade, he's really had the only credible claim as the Jeopardy GOAT.

    @James_Holzhauer @bradrutter Buzzing against both of them at once was a Jeopardy nightmare, but also the best time I've ever had on TV. They're just great and, should I ever be unable to fulfill my duties, I deputize them as co-GOATs.

    And then he had the best sign-off:

    And may Alex Trebek host for a thousand years. Good night!

    I think this just about wraps up how we're all feeling right about now:

    In conclusion, this tournament was every bit as perfect as I dreamed it would be, and I'm so bummed it's over. Congrats, Ken!

    “Being a nerd really pays off sometimes.” – @KenJennings, the #JeopardyGOAT

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