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    17 Hilarious Tweets From The "Jeopardy!" GOAT Tournament Contestants

    "Ken's form is terrible…"

    1. When James Holzhauer pointed out that Ken Jennings didn't follow him on Twitter…

    2. …and then Ken followed him, but absolutely trolled him in the process:

    BREAKING: I have decided to follow @James_Holzhauer on Twitter, since he’s been following me on Jeopardy all week.

    3. When James made a football comparison:

    Chiefs out here dropping the ball like it’s a @bradrutter Daily Double

    4. When Brad Rutter hilariously reminded Ken that with the tournament rules, they're playing for points, not dollars:

    Those were points, Ken.

    5. When James shared this clip of Ken admitting he's not smarter than a 5th grader:

    6. When James pointed out that Brad and Ken have been really taking to his high-stakes betting style…

    #JeopardyGOAT through 3: 18 Daily Doubles 18 all-of-the-chips

    7. …and then made fun of Ken's "all-in" form:

    Ken’s form is terrible. This is like Sheryl Crow covering Sweet Child O’ Mine

    8. When James shared this absolutely brutal meme:

    9. When Brad poked some fun at this photo:

    Ken and James declined my offer to rip a huge bong load.

    10. When James appreciated this TV language rating:

    Crossing my fingers that #JeopardyGOAT night 2 gets this designation again

    11. When Ken had a Star Wars theory about James:

    Prediction: ⁦@James_Holzhauer⁩ is a Palpatine.

    12. When James pointed out Ken's big discovery:

    When @KenJennings discovers he's allowed to bet it all


    @James_Holzhauer It’s all about timing on the button.

    14. When Brad and Ken got themselves on our Jeopardy! GOAT quiz

    @bradrutter @BuzzFeed Very relieved.

    15. …and James DID NOT:

    16. When James shared a meme to express his feelings about hardly getting any of the Daily Doubles in this tournament:

    17. And, finally, when it was super apparent that all the jabs and trolling on Twitter are just for fun and these three contestants are great sports who enjoy each other's company:

    @KenJennings better if you tagged this at Dino’s Bar & Grill imo

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