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    15 Celebrity Tweets You Missed This Week

    "The most human contact I get these days."

    1. Cardi B was amazed by the dictionary "definition" of WAP:

    Wow ....Wap means watermelon,apples and pineapples

    2. Kumail Nanjiani reminded us all of the "Stanley Tucci making Negronis" era of quarantine:

    Remember when Stanley Tucci showed us how to make a Negroni and we were like “Ok maybe we’ll get through this quarantine thing” LOL

    3. Nick Jonas reported back from the year 3000:

    I’ve been to the year 3000 not much has changed, except everyone was wearing a mask.

    4. Meanwhile, Priyanka Chopra shared a picture of her "exercising" with Nick Jonas:

    Push ups are my favourite exercise😏 @nickjonas

    5. Chrissy Teigen revealed that she and John Legend are expecting their third child:

    6. Kyle Massey, Christy Carlson Romano, and Anneliese van der Pol threw it back to their Disney Channel days...

    And your watching Disney channel @ChristyRomano @anneliesevdp #DISNEY

    7. ...and so did David Henrie and Selena Gomez:

    8. Halle Berry shared a beach pic:

    9. To All The Boys I've Loved Before author Jenny Han revealed the impact the Postal Service had on Lara Jean and Peter K.:

    His name is Peter and he wouldn't even be dating Lara Jean if it wasn't for the Postal Service bc he didn't even know she existed.

    10. Ian Somerhalder reacted to a teen who cried over Stefan Salvatore from The Vampire Diaries...

    I felt the same way kiddo! But then I realized oh wait, I just saw him yesterday... He’s still alive;) XO Damon

    11. ...and Paul Wesley hilariously replied to his onscreen brother:

    @iansomerhalder You cried then as well but for the opposite reason.

    12. Kim Kardashian West shared a picture of herself with Chicago dressed up as a princess, aka her daily attire:

    My baby Chi Chi likes to dress up like A princess every day 👑✨💗

    13. Miley Cyrus prepared to hop into fans' Zooms:

    I want to hop into some zooms and celebrate #MidnightSky ! send me links

    14. Brie Larson commemorated 10 years of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World:

    Happy 10 years, Scott Pilgrim vs The World! I promise you a “Black Sheep” cover is coming soon🥰 #ScottPilgrimIs10

    15. And Mindy Kaling got nostalgic about ~human contact~:

    The most human contact I get these days