15 Celebrities Who Gave Us Something To Talk About On Twitter This Week

    "I wanted you to hear this directly from me..."

    1. Gemma Chan used her platform to raise awareness about rising anti-Asian hate crimes:

    Hate crimes against Asian Americans have skyrocketed but too often these attacks are ignored & underreported. This is not limited to the US; in the UK attacks against East & Southeast Asians have increased 300% during the pandemic. Please share & raise awareness #EnoughIsEnough https://t.co/J9VEh5hUh1

    Twitter: @gemma_chan

    2. Hayley Williams and many other celebrities tweeted their support to Britney Spears in light of the Framing Britney Spears documentary:

    the Framing Britney Spears doc holy fuck. no artist today would have to endure the literal torture that media/society/utter misogynists inflicted upon her. the mental health awareness conversation, culturally, could never be where it is without the awful price she has paid.

    Twitter: @yelyahwilliams

    3. Dionne Warwick also sent her love to Britney...

    I hope that @britneyspears is having a wonderful day. 💗

    Twitter: @dionnewarwick

    4. ...she also sent well wishes to Chrissy Teigen, which led to this sweet exchange:

    😭 it was half rough then now, better. Hi Dionne! https://t.co/CGzkPMNsL7

    Twitter: @chrissyteigen

    5. Mindy Kaling got honest while reflecting on her early days in LA:

    My first year in LA I cried every day. I hated that all my co-workers were more settled or had gone to college with each other. I hated that I wasn’t sexy! This was in 2005 when to be funny and be a girl you needed to have a kind of low monotone voice have a sex kitten persona

    Twitter: @mindykaling

    6. Michelle Obama announced her new Netflix show, Waffles + Mochi:

    I’m beyond thrilled to share that on March 16, I’ll be launching a new show on @Netflix called Waffles + Mochi! I'm excited for families and children everywhere to join us on our adventures as we discover, cook, and eat delicious food from all over the world.

    Twitter: @MichelleObama

    7. Yahya Abdul-Mateen II made a point:

    Still think Tom Brady the greatest athlete in the world?? https://t.co/JWIu8ls0Ve

    Twitter: @yahya

    8. Cardi B and Gigi Hadid had this extremely sweet moment:

    Twitter: @GiGiHadid

    9. Miley Cyrus celebrated being single:

    Man. Being single sucks. All I ever do is WHATEVER THE F❤️CK I WANT! Bahabahahahahabahahhahaha!

    Twitter: @MileyCyrus

    10. Taylor Swift announced that her re-recording of Fearless is coming on April 9 — and released "Love Story (Taylor's Version)":

    I’m thrilled to tell you that my new version of Fearless (Taylor’s Version) is done and will be with you soon. It has 26 songs including 6 never before released songs from the vault. Love Story (Taylor’s Version) will be out tonight. Pre-order now at https://t.co/NqBDS6cGFl 💛💛

    11. Kerry Washington shared a thread of stories and family photos in honor of Black History Month:

    In our family we celebreate Black History all day, everyday. 24/7. 365! Not just for #BlackHistoryMonth. Why? Honoring our history is about remembering all of who we are and who we’ve been. The changes, the victories, the humanity & the spirit! So here’s some of #MyBlackHistory

    Twitter: @kerrywashington

    12. Lana Condor celebrated the release of To All The Boys: Always and Forever, the third and final movie in the series:

    It’s out it’s out it’s out !!!! stream it on @netflix NOW !!! ❤️💪🏽❤️💪🏽💕💕💕💕💌💌💌

    13. J.J. Watt announced that he's leaving the Houston Texans:

    Houston, I wanted you to hear this directly from me...

    Twitter: @JJWatt

    14. James Charles revealed a new look:

    Twitter: @jamescharles

    15. And Jimmy Fallon shared a comparison of him and Dwayne Johnson at age 15:

    Twitter: @jimmyfallon