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    Posted on Jun 29, 2018

    15 Celeb Tweets You Missed This Week

    "Paul Rudd has been handsome for 40 years and is somehow still like 32..."

    1. Mindy Kaling was confused about the passage of time:

    Paul Rudd has been handsome for 40 years and is somehow still like 32

    2. KJ Apa tried to burn Cole Sprouse with the same meme on Instagram and Twitter...

    Man... I would have absolutely crushed you at age 17. Crushed. @colesprouse

    3. ...and Cole clapped back:

    @kj_apa Why did you post this again on twitter when I already destroyed you on insta?

    4. Zach Braff shared some movie recommendations:

    A teenager asked me for some good movies a teenager should see. Here’s my list:

    5. Ariana Grande shared an adorable throwback pic:

    remember when i was the SHADIEST BABY IN THE WORLD

    6. Lili Reinhart shared this candy truth:

    Peppermint Patties always sound better in theory but they never quite live up to the expectation.

    7. Reese Witherspoon celebrated National Pink Day:

    I had to!!! #NationalPinkDay #LegallyBlonde 🤣💓

    8. Chrissy Teigen got a HUGE snack:

    9. Hugh Jackman enjoyed summertime in the city:

    10. Kim Kardashian admired Khloe's new wax figure:

    OMG this is soooo good!!!!!

    11. Camila Cabello celebrated a musical anniversary:

    a year ago today i was backstage shaking, about to sing Havana and never be the same (which were still months from being released) for the first time. in a year, you’ve made my wildest dreams come true. I love you so much, thank you 🦋💜🦋

    12. Dax Shepard prepared for future fights:

    50% of my brain activity is spent preparing my defense for future arguments I never end up having.

    13. Love, Simon star Keiynan Lonsdale clapped back at a Twitter troll:

    Dude you gotta stop tweeting me about it & just go try one on yourself.. It’s only a piece of clothing & it’s fun :) Also allows the balls to breathe and therefore will chill ya out 🌸

    14. Hailee Steinfeld shared a serious MOOD:

    15. And Chris Pratt demanded video proof from Rob Lowe:

    It’s not fair to tease that and not post a video for your fans Rob.

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