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39 Guys Who Sparked Your Sexual Awakening

Boom. Puberty.

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share the character or celebrity who caused their sexual awakening. Here are just some of the guys responsible...

1. Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) — Titanic

"Cliche I know, but Leo in Titanic. That steamy car scene was nearly too much for my naive middle school heart." —Submitted by Teena Sherlin (Facebook)

2. Peter Pan (Jeremy Sumpter) - Peter Pan

"Jeremy Sumpter from Peter Pan, oh ma god. I used to wear dresses to sleep and leave my window open in case Peter Pan would fly in and take me to Neverland." —Submitted by Sashag474c35679

3. Benny (Mike Vitar) — The Sandlot

"Benny 'The Jet' Rodriguez from The Sandlot. And I am not ashamed to say I still think he's gorgeous!" —Submitted by Janine Estrella (Facebook)

4. Jareth (David Bowie) — Labyrinth

"Seeing David Bowie's bulge in Labyrinth made me feel funny in my pants. I didn't know why for years." —Submitted by Vanessa Skye (Facebook)

5. Scott (Devon Sawa) — Now and Then

"Definitely the scene in Now and Then where Devon Sawa is skinny dipping...and the infamous 'squatting in a towel' scene that followed (ladies, you know what I'm referring to lol)." —Submitted by Skag Doll (Facebook)

6. Aladdin (Scott Weinger) — Aladdin

"Aladdin. That skimpy vest, though. Hot damn. I went from a child straight to a woman that day." —Submitted by Micahf49fe15d52

7. George (Brendan Fraser) — George of the Jungle

"For me it was Brendan Fraser as George of the Jungle in that cheesy Disney flick! Stay with me. Fast-forward to the moment where he's followed Ursula back to San Francisco and she takes him to some dinner party on a ranch. Then he's running around taming wild horses in his unbuttoned shirt. That did it for me!" —Submitted by Zalikham

8. Dr Frank N. Furter (Tim Curry) - The Rocky Horror Picture Show

"For me, it was Tim Curry in The Rocky Horror Picture Show. First saw that movie on Halloween night when I was 14. I had never seen a guy strut around like that in heels and fishnets and makeup, and I found it totally sexy. He was so saucy and brazen and just oozed confidence and fabulosity. As a sheltered little teen growing up in the Midwest, Dr Frank N. Furter let me know it was OK to celebrate your sexuality, and even poke fun at it. I have not missed a midnight showing since that night!" —Submitted by Katlyn Minard (Facebook)

9. Rufio (Dante R. Basco) — Hook

"Rufio. Oh, how I wished to be in Neverland." —Submitted by Janetm43885b0d5

10. Zac Hanson - Hanson

"Zac Hanson. I actually owned this unofficial biography about him and forced my friends to watch the Hanson tour documentary with me over and over again. Even though I was in high school when Zac got married, part of me still wept inside. Oh, to be a Hanson." —Submitted by Rachels73

11. Tod (Keanu Reeves) — Parenthood

"Keanu Reeves. As Tod. In Parenthood. So. Sexually. Aroused." —Submitted by Kate Shoop (Facebook)

12. Frankie (Larenz Tate) — Why Do Fools Fall in Love

"Larenz Tate in Why Do Fools Fall in Love. He is just so sexy and manly and his voice is just…" —Submitted by Yungdejkills7

13. Doug (Joaquin Phoenix) - Inventing the Abbotts

"Joaquin Phoenix. Inventing the Abbotts. OMG." —Submitted by Crystal Anne Lightfoot (Facebook)

14. Jake (Jonathan Taylor Thomas) — I'll Be Home for Christmas

"Jonathan Taylor Thomas in I'll Be Home for Christmas. Anyone?" —Submitted by Crossm920

15. Superman (Dean Cain) — Lois and Clark

"Dean Cain as Superman was HANDS DOWN my first crush. YUM." —Submitted by Anna Kennedy (Facebook)

16. Han Solo (Harrison Ford) — Star Wars

"Han Solo. Hands down." —Submitted by Courtney Danielle (Facebook)

17. Nat (Elijah Wood) — Forever Young

"Elijah Wood in Forever Young... I saw those beautiful baby blues and I legitimately LOST MY DAMN MIND. I tried to convince my mom to move me out to L.A., so I could act and promptly marry Elijah. Because of course that was feasible. I was SO crushed when she explained to me that we couldn't just move out to L.A." —Submitted by SarahLynn Bowler (Facebook)

18. Johnny (Patrick Swayze) — Dirty Dancing

"It was Patrick Swayze. While watching Dirty Dancing. I was 7 and I definitely felt SOMETHING when they were dancing in the water..." —Submitted by Laura Hernández Osorio (Facebook)

19. Bernard (David Krumholtz) — The Santa Clause

"The guy elf in The Santa Clause with the dreads." —Submitted by Brihackums

20. Westley (Cary Elwes) — The Princess Bride

"Cary Elwes, The Princess Bride. Just close your eyes and imagine he's saying 'as you wish' to every one of your desires." —Submitted by Emmap45114131a

21. Mr Darcy (Colin Firth) — Pride and Prejudice

"Colin Firth as Mr Darcy in the 1995 BBC Pride and Prejudice (a few years later when we had it on video)." —Submitted by Eugeniaw

22. Legolas (Orlando Bloom) — Lord of the Rings

"Orlando Bloom as Legolas in the first Lord of the Rings movie. I was 8. My dad brought my brother and I to the midnight premiere and I was transfixed for the whole two and whatever hours. I bawled crying in the car all the way home, presumably due to a mixture of exhaustion and love. Still have a soft spot for Orlando 14 years later — though I never quite recovered from the betrayal I felt when I discovered he wasn’t actually a blonde-haired, blue-eyed immortal being." —Submitted by Aoifeo44a2a1c6e

23. Atreyu (Noah Hathaway) — The Neverending Story

"Atreyu from The Neverending Story. I couldn't tell if he was a boy or a girl; all I knew was a strange tingling sensation in my loins, and I've had a thing for the androgynous look ever since." —Submitted by Seanas2

24. Charlie (Joshua Jackson) — D3: The Mighty Ducks

"Joshua Jackson in D3: The Mighty Ducks (yes, D3 specifically). Captain Charlie 4ever." —Submitted by Annec11

25. Sebastian (Ryan Phillippe) — Cruel Intentions

"Ryan Phillippe in Cruel Intentions… Awakened!!!" —Submitted by Lizaj4265ed11c

26. Ian (Jeff Goldblum) — Jurassic Park

"Open-shirt Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park." —Submitted by Heatherl27

27. Tyler (Brad Pitt) — Fight Club

"Brad Pitt as Tyler Durden. I still can't watch that movie without getting all hot and bothered. Jesus help me." —Submitted by Zakiyakeys

28. Mulder (David Duchovny) — The X-Files

"It was Mulder coming out of the pool in his red Speedo. Is it weird that I was, like, 6 when this happened?" —Submitted by Clairew469e28fce

29. Michael Jackson

"Michael Jackson. Yep. No regrets." —Submitted by Bohemianbeauty96

30. Thackery (Sean Murray) — Hocus Pocus

"When Thackery Binx stopped being a cat and turns into a cute ghost in Hocus Pocus." —Submitted by Cailininchains

31. Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) — X-Men

"When I was 5 or so years old, the first X-Men came out. If Hugh Jackman weren't enough already as is, the ending of the movie where he's shirtless on the stretcher with all of his chest hair glory made me go, 'Welp, I'm hella gay.'" —Submitted by Hayden Veach (Facebook)

32. Uncle Jesse (John Stamos) — Full House

"John Stamos as Uncle Jesse. He was EVERYTHING, and I knew it at, like, 5 and I didn't even know what was happening. So many confusing feelings as a very young child. I will always find him so sexy. Also, HAVE MERCY." —Submitted by Hannah Aldrich (Facebook)

33. Robin (Brian Bedford) — Robin Hood

"Robin Hood from the animated Disney movie. A fox in every sense of the word. Damn." —Submitted by Cgoquinn

34. Captain Von Trapp (Christopher Plummer) — The Sound of Music

"Christopher Plummer as Captain Von Trapp in The Sound of Music. I swoon just thinking about it." —Submitted by Cfyellow24

35. Tommy (Jason David Frank) — Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

"Tommy the white Power Ranger. Those flowing locks!" —Submitted by Sarah Warren (Facebook)

36. Nick (Austin O'Brien) — My Girl 2

"Austin O'Brien as Nick Zsigmond in My Girl 2 — at the end of the movie as Vada gets on the plane… He runs his hand through her hair… That kiss… I was 13 and it was just amaaaaaaazing then!" —Submitted by Hantah2

37. Chris (River Phoenix) — Stand by Me

"River Phoenix in Stand by Me. I was so going to marry him when I was 8! I was devastated when I found out he was dead. Bless little me." —Submitted by Natasha Tazzi Plissken (Facebook)

38. Nick Carter — The Backstreet Boys

“Nick Carter, in ‘If You Want It to Be Good Girl’ where he sings about teaching you things your momma shouldn’t know. I wanted so bad to be his student, lol.” —Submitted by Julieasmith1988

39. Edward (Johnny Depp) — Edward Scissorhands

"Eight-year-old me had a picture of Johnny Depp as Edward Scissorhands cut out from the TV Guide (yes, when it actually still arrived weekly in its paper version), and I kept it underneath my pillow. Every night I would kiss it, declaring my eternal love." —Submitted by Laura Rammeloo (Facebook)

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