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    49 Reasons Tom Hiddleston Will Ruin You For Life

    He's a life ruiner and you don't even care.

    1. Because his eyes are so beautiful they make the world a better place.

    2. And he's perfected that dreamy stare off into the distance.

    Luke Macgregor / Reuters

    3. Because his suggestive wink is on point.

    4. As is his lip bite of lustsplosions.

    5. Because his hands are so elegant and ~expressive~.

    6. Because he is so delightfully British.

    7. Because he can really wear a suit. Like, really.

    Eamonn M. McCormack / Getty Images for BFI

    8. Even if it's blue.

    Eric Gaillard / Reuters

    9. Or no one else around him has bothered to suit up.

    Matt Sayles/Invision / AP

    10. Or it's a SUIT OF ARMOR.


    11. Because he also looks amazing in a leather jacket.

    Jon Furniss / WireImage

    12. And a mother effing WET T-SHIRT.

    13. Because he made you fall in love with Loki.


    14. But he also could've pulled off Thor.

    15. And Loki-as-Captain America.


    16. And even, let's face it, Jane Foster.


    17. Not to mention Owen Wilson-as-Loki.

    18. Because he made vampires cool again.


    19. Because when he's in period costume you'd give up indoor plumbing and the internet for him.

    20. Because he makes ginger look so damn good.

    Paul Hackett / Reuters

    21. Because when he's all wet and sweaty and looking like this he actually pierces your soul.

    22. Because he's incredibly lovely to fans.

    Mario Anzuoni / Reuters

    23. He even sang "Happy Birthday" to individual fans in Sydney not once but twice when he was visiting Australia.

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    24. Really he is all about fan service.

    25. He's actually just a considerate human being and goes out of his way to make others comfortable.

    26. Because his dancing is a joy to behold.

    27. And DEM SNAKE HIPS make you want to do bad things.


    28. Because he manages to look like a total dork and a total babe all at once when sitting on a motorbike.

    Mario Anzuoni / Reuters

    29. And when he rows a boat he causes instantaneous swooning.

    30. Because he loves poetry and when he reads it you get pregnant off his goddamn voice.

    31. And he loves Shakespeare and when he recites it you literally die and go to heaven.

    32. Because he pulls faces like this and you can't even handle the cuteness.

    33. And his laugh turns your pupils into little tiny love hearts.

    34. Because when he demands you say his name, you fucking say it.

    35. Because he has the most beautiful bromance with Chris Hemsworth.

    Mario Anzuoni / Reuters

    36. He's even an honorary part of the family!

    37. Because he gets distracted by babies and it literally makes your ovaries explode.

    38. Because he woke up like this (for a good cause).

    39. And is passionate about gender equality.

    40. And other causes that are close to his heart.

    41. Because your insides melt when you imagine him looking at you that way.

    Jon Furniss / WireImage

    42. Because he is so bloody charismatic you literally ship him with everyone.

    Jon Furniss / WireImage

    43. Because the moment he taught the Cookie Monster about delayed gratification you were so confused because you WANTED HIDDLES RIGHT NOW.


    44. Because with one gesture he can make your underwear spontaneously leave your body.

    45. Because he posts adorable behind-the-scenes photos from movie sets.

    46. Because he gets warm and fuzzy and it makes you warm and fuzzy.

    47. Because he can speak French and turn you into liquid.

    48. Because he makes you wish you were a plastic tub of popcorn.

    Chris Pizzello/Invision / AP

    49. Because he is Tom Freaking Hiddleston.