8 "Nine Perfect Strangers" Theories That May Or May Not Be True

    Three episodes in, there are already so many mysteries to untangle...

    Nine Perfect Strangers is a new Hulu drama, based on a book by Liana Moriarty — the same author who penned Big Little Lies.

    nicole kidman looking to the right of her while holding her necklace

    1. Masha is drugging everyone

    Heather and Zoe stnad outside holding colorful drinks decorated with flowers

    2. Lars is an undercover journalist

    Lars stands in a bamboo forrest looking sneaky

    3. Someone will die

    The guests lay in open graves set out in a circle while Tranquillum staff stand above them

    4. Someone from Masha's past is stalking her

    Masha leans over a fence and looks at her phone; she wears a cardigan and has damp hair

    5. One of the guests is actually stalking her

    Masha lays on the bed with tears in her eyes

    6. Delilah is trying to frighten Masha

    Delilah talks to Masha, who faces away from the camera

    7. This is some kind of weird Stepford experience

    Carmel stands in a store looking upset

    8. Something even more sinister is happening

    The guests sit around a dinner table outdoors at nighttime, Napoleon is standing to speak to them all

    What are your Nine Perfect Strangers theories?