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    Breaking Down The "House Of The Dragon" Episode 4 Trailer

    Daemon is back in King's Landing! What will happen next?

    House of the Dragon is heating up, with Episode 3 introducing new characters and covering a whole war. Episode 4 puts us right back into court intrigue. Here's the preview:

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    Let's break it down!

    The trailer opens with a bunch of servants of some kind walking through a dark hall with lanterns.

    Men and women in servant gear walk down a dark hall

    Then we get to the good part: THE DAGGER. You know, the catspaw dagger, the one used to try to kill Bran in Season 1 of Game of Thrones, and then was actually used to kill the Night King in Season 8? The one Viserys has been carrying around in House of the Dragon? IT HAS VALYRIAN INSCRIPTIONS ON IT.

    The dagger heated with fire showing Valyrian writing on it

    It looks as though Viserys is showing Rhaenyra the writing on the dagger, which she reads aloud — it seems it describes Aegon's dream about the Prince that was Promised, which Viserys told Rhaenyra about in Episode 1.

    Rhaenyra looks at the dagger as Viserys holds it in a flame

    Rhaenyra reads, "From my blood come the Prince that was Promised, and his will be the song of ice and fire."

    Rhaenys looks down, lit by fire light

    Okay back to the trailer, we have Otto skulking in the Throne Room...

    Otto stands in front of the Iron Throne

    Daemon, who has had a haircut, hanging out in his nightshirt...

    Daemon with short hair leans forward while wearing a nightshirt

    And Alicent, also in her nightclothes — is she with Daemon? Or have they cut these shots together in a deceptive way?

    Alicent wears a nightgown and robe and has her hair down

    Then there's a shot of Balerion's skull and it's hard to see here, but there's someone running in the shadows alongside it — sneaking around the Red Keep, it seems.

    Balerion's skull surrounded by candles, with someone moving in the shadows

    We have Viserys putting on his crown in the Throne Room...

    Viserys stands in front of the throne and puts on his crown

    And readying to meet someone, with quite a large crowd gathered.

    Viserys stands in front of the throne in a crowded THrone Room and looks towawrds the open doors

    Rhaenyra appears to be in the Throne Room crowd, also waiting for someone — and look, she has the necklace Daemon gave to her on again!

    Close-up of Rhaenyra standing in the crowd

    Who are they waiting for? Daemon, of course! He's strolling in with his new haircut to match his brand new crown. It seems Viserys really is trying to make peace in his House.

    Daemon walks into the Throne Room wearing a crown

    Daemon explains he was named King of the Narrow Sea following the War for the Stepstones

    Viserys stands in front of Viserys in the Throne Room, with the Kingsguard between them and a crowd looking on

    Viserys doesn't look entirely pleased by that — will his attempt at peace, if that's what's happening, go awry?

    Viserys frowns

    Rhaenyra, meanwhile, seems to be touring the country — or at least the Stormlands.

    Rhaenyra sits while Criston Cole stands bside her

    It appears she's at Storm's End — the seat of House Baratheon. Could she be searching for appropriate suitors, since her father said she could pick one herself?

    Rhaenyra sits flanked by a Baratheon and Ser Criston Cole talking to what appears to be a young boy

    Then we cut to Rhaenyra arguing with Viserys again — he says, "Your courtship is at an end," and she responds with, "So I can be a remedy for your political headaches?!" This suggests maybe he's going back on the idea that she can pick her own husband, and wants her to make a match that's advantageous politically.

    Rhaenyra argues with Viserys

    He gets in the sick burn, "YOU are my political headache." Thanks, Dad.

    VIserys and Rhaenyra argue

    There's a shot of Rhaenyra closing her eyes.

    Rhaenyra closes her eyes

    There's a shot of a waterside city that COULD be King's Landing but doesn't look like it to me — it's possibly Old Town?

    A town by the sea

    We see Alicent is there — her family's seat is in Old Town, so maybe she's visiting home? She's still wearing Targaryen red and is holding a baby — probably the one she was pregnant with in Episode 2.

    Alicent holds a baby

    Then we have Otto telling Viserys, "I have discomforting news."

    Otto stands in Viserys' chamber

    Followed by an upset Rhaenyra saying, "This is a vile accusation."

    Rhaenyra looks upset

    And then we have a larger hand caressing a smaller hand pressed up against the wall. From the ring, it looks like it could be Daemon's hand — could he be, er, making a move on Rhaenyra? Is this the "vile accusation" she's speaking of and the "discomforting news" Otto is spreading? That Daemon and Rhaenyra are...more than uncle/niece?

    A larger hand presses over a smaller hand

    There's a shot of a hooded figure walking past some guys in tall hats.

    A hooded figure walks through men in tall hats

    Then we go back to Viserys and Otto, and Viserys demands, "Who is responsible for this gossip?"

    Otto looks serious

    He adds, "I will take their eyes!" Yeah, he's pretty mad. Which reinforces the idea it's gossip about Rhaenyra and Daemon. Or Rhaenyra and SOMEONE, at least.

    Viserys looks very angry

    Viserys's angry vibe is reinforced by this shot of him slamming down his sword.

    Viserys holds his sword in the throne room

    Then we hear Alicent saying, "It is not in Rhaenyra's nature to be deceitful. I cannot say the same for your brother." So perhaps the rumor really is about the two of them together.

    ALicent drinks from a golden glass

    We see Daemon looking sneaky in a hood — so presumably it's him weaving through those pointy hat dudes earlier in the trailer, getting up to no good (possibly with Rhaenyra?).

    Daemon wears a dark hood with a mischievous look on his face

    There's a shot of someone doing tricks (or actual magic?) with fire.

    A man holds flams in his hands

    We see Rhaneyra running while wearing peasant's clothes.

    Rhaenyra wears peasant clothes and runs in the dark

    There's another shot of Daemon in the hood — at least, I think it's him. This show is so goddamn dark, you guys.

    A hooded figure walks in the dark

    There's another shot from the Throne Room scene of Daemon being halted by someone's sword. Tense!

    Daemon looks down to a sword pressed into his armor

    Then we see Rhaenyra on a ship with Ser Criston — perhaps headed home from the Stormlands?

    Rhaenyra looks up while standing on a ship; Ser Criston stands near her yelling at the nearby crew

    Ser Criston is yelling "take cover" as Caraxes (presumably with Daemon on his back) swoops in and bumps the ship.

    Caraxes bumps a Targaryen ship

    What do you think of the trailer for House of the Dragon Episode 4? Share your predictions below!

    (Book readers, no spoilers!)