All The Latest On The "Game Of Thrones" Spin-Offs In The Works

    Keep checking back for the latest info on new shows set in the Game of Thrones world.

    Before Game of Thrones was even finished, there was talk that multiple spinoffs were in the works — so, what's happening with them all now? Let's take a look at the status of all the Game of Thrones prequels that have been discussed....

    Game of Thrones logo from the opening titles of the show

    Bloodmoon has been canceled.

    The Night King.

    House of the Dragon is all systems go!

    Alicent and Otto stand in front of the ocean looking serious

    Paddy Considine, whom you may know from Hot Fuzz and Peaky Blinders, plays Viserys Targaryen.

    DRACARYS! Paddy Considine has been cast as King Viserys Targaryen in #HouseoftheDragon. Learn more:

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    No, not that Viserys Targaryen — you know, the one Khal Drogo killed in Season 1 of Game of Thrones. This is an entirely different Viserys Targaryen (remember that the show takes place 200 years before Game of Thrones). Unlike the one we know and hate, this Viserys Targaryen actually got to be king.

    According to HBO, "Viserys was chosen by the lords of Westeros to succeed the Old King, Jaehaerys Targaryen, at the Great Council at Harrenhal. A warm, kind, and decent man, Viserys only wishes to carry forward his grandfather’s legacy, but as we’ve learned from Game of Thrones, good men do not necessarily make for great kings."

    This description sounds pretty close to what we know of Viserys from Martin and Fire and Blood.

    Book cover of Fire & Blood by George R R Martin featuring a burning Targaryen flag

    As for who plays the heads of the warring Targaryen factions, Matt Smith is Daemon, Emma D'Arcy is Rhaenyra (with Milly Alcock as young Rhaenyra), and Olivia Cooke is Alicent (Emily Carey plays young Alicent).

    Rahenyra and Daemon stand on a beach looking at each other

    For the rest of the cast, Steve Toussaint plays Lord Corlys Velaryon, Eve Best plays his wife Princess Rhaenys Velaryon, Rhys Ifans is Otto Hightower, and Sonoya Mizuno is character called Mysaria.

    Lord Corlys stands in front of the ocean

    Ryan Corr plays Ser Harwin Strong, Jefferson Hal plays two characters — the twins Jason and Tyland Lannister — and David Horovitch is Grand Maester Mellos.

    Their reign has just begun. Ryan Corr, Jefferson Hall, and David Horovitch have been cast in #HouseoftheDragon. The @HBO original series premieres on @HBOMax in 2022. Learn more:

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    Ser Harwin is known as "Breakbones", the strongest man in the Seven Kingdoms and the heir to Harrenhal. He;s the song of Lord Lyonel Strong.

    The Lannister twins are thankful not as incestuous as some other Lannister twins we know; while Jason is Lord of Casterly Rock, Tyland is a calculating politician.

    Grand Maester Mellos, meanwhile, is the trusted advisor to King Viserys.

    Rounding out the cast is Gram McTavish as Ser Harrold Westerling, Matthew Needham as Larys Strong, Bill Paterson as Lord Lyman Beesbury, and Gavin Spokes as Lord Lyonel Strong.

    Fire cannot kill a dragon. Graham McTavish, Matthew Needham, Bill Paterson, and Gavin Spokes have been cast in the @HBO original series #HouseoftheDragon, coming to @HBOMax in 2022. Learn more:

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    Ser Harrold is a member of the Kingsguard, Larys is the younger son of Lyonel Strong and younger brother of Ser Harwin, Lord Lyman is Master of Coin on the small council, and Lord Lyonel is Master of Laws and father to Larys and Ser Harwin.

    You can watch the trailer for House of the Dragon here:

    All the dragons roar as one. The #HOTD trailer has arrived.

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    But what about the other prequels that were in the works?

    But there is good news: another prequel, A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms, is in early development at HBO.

    There are three novellas in the series so far: "The Hedge Knight", "The Sword Sword", and "The Mystery Knight".

    Cover of "Three Tales of Dunk & Egg" featuring a knight on horseback

    And there are also two additional prequels that might be happening. The most developed is currently called The Sea Snake (formerly known as 9 Voyages), and it focuses on the adventures of Lord Corlys Velaryon — meaning it's likely a quite immediate prequel to House of the Dragon.

    Close up of Steve Toussaint in Doctor Who

    And it's not just prequels in the works — Snow, a sequel series focused on none other than Jon Snow, is also in development!