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Here's What Groot Said To Rocket At The End Of "Avengers: Infinity War"

"I am Groot". Warning: This post contains spoilers.

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The whole ending was A LOT, but one of the hardest parts was watching teen Groot disappear right in front of Rocket. Especially because we've seen Groot die – and Rocket grieve for him – once before, in Guardians of the Galaxy...


Needless to say, the Marvel fandom is not coping well with this news.

“groot’s last words before disappearing were “dad”.”


how am I supposed to sleep at night knowing groot’s last words in infinity war were “dad”

so groot thought of rocket as his dad

groot called rocket ‘dad’ which means he probably thinks of all the other guardians as his parents too they really are a proper little family

That Groot and Rocket shit devastated my heart and soul. I have NEVER imagined a time where a talking tree calling a talking raccoon dad would be this much, unironically, sad. Marvel what have you done to us.


me: infinity war can’t possibly hurt me more than it already has marvel: groot’s last word before he faded away was “dad” me:

marvel fandom right now about groot and rocket: