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    29 Reasons Chris Hemsworth Is Definitely The Sexiest Man Alive

    It's official. And it's right.

    1. His blue eyes are the sexiest.

    Jon Blacker / Reuters

    2. His adorable smile is sexy too.


    3. He looks sexy with short hair.


    4. And floppy sexy '90s hair.

    People Magazine
    People Magazine

    5. And long sexy Norse god hair.


    6. He looks sexy blonde.

    Marvel / Via

    7. He looks sexy as a brunette.

    Universal Pictures

    8. He looks sexy with a sexy man bun.

    GQ/Simon Emmett
    GQ/Simon Emmett

    9. He has a sexy wink.


    10. He has sexy sexy biceps.

    11. He has glorious, sexy man cleavage.


    12. Really his whole upper body is the definition of sexy.


    13. And his lower half is pretty freaking sexy too.

    Exclusive Media Group

    14. He's a goddamn sexy God of Thunder.

    Courtesy Marvel Studios / MCT

    15. Look at that sexy god.


    16. He's the sexiest of his sexy brothers.

    Danny Moloshok / Reuters

    17. His bromance with Tom Hiddleston is incredibly sexy.

    Mario Anzuoni / Reuters

    18. Seriously sexy.

    Alberto E. Rodriguez / WireImage

    19. He's sexy in his work for charity, as patron of the Australian Childhood Foundation.

    20. He's totally sexy as a husband.

    21. He's really sexy doing the dad thing.

    22. Ovary-exploding sexy.

    23. He's sexy in jeans.


    24. He's sexy in the rain.


    25. He's sexy lying down.

    People Magazine

    26. He's sexy with a surfboardt.

    Channel 7

    27. He's sexy all in white and very wet.

    28. He's even sexy eating paper.

    29. In conclusion: Chris Hemsworth is sexy. The sexiest man alive. Thank you, world.

    People Magazine

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