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    24 Amazing Things That Have Come Out Of Australia

    You're welcome, World.

    1. Hugh Jackman

    Twentieth Century Fox / Via

    Talents: acting, singing, dancing, humanitarian work, wearing no shirt, derping.

    2. Clear Wi-Fi

    Australian scientist John O’Sullivan was conducting experiments for the CSIRO when he built the technology that would be used to “unsmear” Wi-Fi signals.

    Too bad our own internet is so goddamn slow.

    3. Beetroot on a hamburger

    Flickr: avlxyz / Creative Commons

    And - if you're really hungry - eggs, bacon and pineapple too. This is a burger with "the lot". It is like a party in your mouth.

    4. Chris Lilley

    ABC / Via

    Comes complete with Ja'mie King, Mr G, Jonah Takalua, Daniel and Nathan Sims and MORE.

    5. The cervical cancer vaccine


    Professor Ian Frazer spearheaded the research to develop the vaccine at the University of Queensland. Take that, HPV! You cute little critter.

    6. Weird and wonderful wildlife


    Meet Grumpy Quokka, who dares you to call him the happiest animal in the world.

    7. Chiko Rolls / Via Jenna Guillaume / BuzzFeed

    You haven't lived until you've tried Australia's take on the spring roll, specifically designed to withstand the crowd at a footy game. Just don't ask us what they're made of.

    8. Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

    PolyGram / Via

    It's what the WORLD needed.

    9. Miranda Kerr

    James Devaney / WireImage

    Now with bonus Flynn Bloom, a.k.a. the most adorable kid on the planet.

    10. Kylie and Dannii Minogue / Via Jenna Guillaume / BuzzFeed

    Pop music and sparkles haven't been the same since.

    11. Latex gloves / Via Jenna Guillaume / BuzzFeed

    The versatile product (see above) was first manufactured by Australian company Ansell. Despite this innovation, they're still more famous for their condoms.

    12. Rebel Wilson

    Brownstone Productions / Via

    Talents: acting, singing, rapping, mermaid dancing, horizontal running, reading people's diaries, showing bogan pride, making people laugh, having malaria-induced epiphanies.

    13. Mad Max

    Kennedy Miller Productions / Via

    Back when Mel Gibson wasn't so... Mel Gibson, he starred in the cult classic that became one of the most successful Australian film franchises of all time. Let's not talk about the remake.

    14. Macadamia nuts

    They are filled with fiber, vitamins and antioxidants, but mostly they taste great in cookies. And chocolate. Mmm, chocolate.

    15. Ugg boots

    Flickr: mediawench

    Australia's slippers became the world's fashion item. Oops.

    16. Heath Ledger

    Touchstone Pictures / Via


    17. 'Strayan

    Fair dinkum, it's grouse.

    18. Classic rock

    Flickr: denaflows

    AC/DC, INXS... and Uluru.

    19. Awesome athletes

    Photo by Tony McDonough / Getty Images

    Sorry not sorry.

    20. Tourists / Via Jenna Guillaume / BuzzFeed

    If there's one thing Australians love, it's getting the hell out of our own country. And getting drunk.

    21. A holiday destination

    Flickr: behindthesteeringwheel / Creative Commons

    At least we reciprocate, right?

    22. Hills Hoist

    Flickr: sassamifrass

    The iconic clothesline that made Goon of Fortune possible.

    23. Baz Luhrmann

    Bazmark Films / Via

    He's the man behind Strictly Ballroom, Romeo & Juliet, Moulin Rouge, The Great Gatsby and Australia. Also this spectacular expression on Paul Rudd's face.

    24. The Hemsworth Brothers

    Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

    'Nuff said.

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