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    99 Thoughts We Had During "Pretty Little Liars" Season 7 Episode 16

    We got 99 problems and they're all this show.

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    1. Is this the first time in Rosewood history that the person being accused of a crime was actually the one who did it?

    2. You just know Spencer has seen every episode of SVU and is ready to whip out some law jargon.

    3. Her mother IS Olivia Benson, after all.

    4. Should Fury technically be allowed to be alone with Spencer?

    5. Lol I say that as if Rosewood Police have any kind of procedural standards.

    6. Omg are they going to find some clues in the attic, since Mrs D hoarded shit up there?

    7. Emily has really jumped the gun here setting up this nursery, I didn’t even think Alison was past the three month mark.

    8. My new prediction: Alison will have twins and SOMEHOW MAGICALLY one will be Emily’s biological baby, and the other Alison’s biological baby.

    9. Look, I wouldn’t put it past I. Marlene ok?

    10. Lmao at Aria eating “soy flakes” for breakfast.

    11. Beginning to feel like we’re never gonna see Ezra and Aria actually get married.

    12. Also beginning to feel like that might not be such a bad thing?

    13. “Mmm sorry honey can’t book in any ballroom time, when you left me for weeks on end it turned out I started getting blackmailed, so you’ll understand it if I’m a little busy right now.”


    14. Hanna can you back off Spencer please? It’s not like you’ve never gotten drunk on the job.

    15. Hanna literally had a drinking problem for a hot minute there.

    16. Why is Hanna still defending Lucas? Seriously Han, you don’t think he MIGHT have had an ulterior motive for giving you an alibi?

    17. Alison angrily delivering the “Did you screw anything else up?!” to Spencer has me shook, like Alison didn’t start this whole goddamn mess in the first place.

    18. I DO NOT CARE ABOUT WHATEVER EZRA’S STORYLINE IS, this is not central to the plot, let’s keep it going.

    19. Turning off security in the Radley seems like a bad idea. The perfect time for A.D. to fuck shit up.

    20. Why is Ezra so fond of sitting in dark apartments, broodingly looking at paper?

    21. Aria is actually the most supportive girlfriend ever, Ezra does NOT deserve her.

    22. A.D. is a Patsy Cline fan?

    23. Guess they have just as old-person taste as A, with the salt water taffy and the gin and tonics and the record players.

    24. “I’m the same person that I was three days ago, Marco.” HMMMM ARE YOU THOUGH? I swear, I’m so convinced about the Spencer’s twin theory that every time she’s on screen now I’m questioning if it’s REALLY her, especially after that Wren scene last week.

    25. “Why shouldn’t he die in the same disgusting way he lived?” Ummm Spencer you’re not doing yourself any favours here.

    26. “Can’t you just stop being a cop?” God Spencer, he’s not Toby.

    27. Hey, where is Toby?

    28. Did Caleb just leave him out there fishing all alone?

    29. Does Spencer actually think that she can convince Marco that it’s fine for her to kill Archer? I guess she’s used to the low standards of Rosewood P.D..

    30. “Let this murder slip through the cracks.” The AUDACITY of this girl.

    31. She’s so shocked he’s not falling for it, too. “What?! Cops do their JOBS?!?!”

    32. Maybe if you had more cops who did their jobs in the first place you wouldn’t be in this mess for like the 700th time in your life.

    33. So have Spencer’s parents just fucked off again? Daddy Hastings came back for five seconds to apologise and now is off knocking up someone else, probably.



    35. YES he is finally spilling the tea on these bitches.

    36. Of COURSE they’re capable of murder. Most of them actually have killed someone.

    37. And Hanna is still defending him?! What the hell??

    38. I’m glad Emily remembers all the shit he pulled back in the day.

    39. Yeah, Hanna, remember that time you wanted him dead?

    40. Oooh Aria’s going to confess.

    41. Oops. False alarm.

    42. Wait, how did Lucas get his comic back?

    43. He’s sitting in a car, maybe he’s being recruited the same way that Aria was.

    44. “I can’t believe you’re already flaking on me…” Emily, goddamn. She’s keeping the baby. Chill the fuck out.

    45. Ali aggressively chewing vitamins is the most interesting thing she’s done all season.

    46. Queen Mona, what an entrance. I wonder if A.D. has tried to recruit her as well.

    47. Good on Mona for standing up for herself.

    48. She has a point though. She only comes along when they need her as a plot point, then is banished again.

    49. These bitches would be long dead by now if it weren’t for Mona.

    50. OMG imagine if SHE’S A.D. after all. The plot would have come full circle. And I’d actually kind of love that?

    51. Why are these dumb bitches so certain A.D. will pick up the hard drive personally lmao, like the person stalking and harassing them for years would be that dumb to just wander into the school all blasé and be like “oh lol you got me, fuck, game over”.

    52. They’re not even hiding that well.

    53. “Let’s just stand in this doorway and talk loudly, she’ll be right.”

    54. Damn this black hoodie looks good on Aria.

    55. I feel like the writers read all those Aria is A theories and were like, hey, great idea.

    56. This is not what we meant when we had those theories, guys.

    57. But also when did A.D./weird FaceTime person tell her to do this? Or has she gone rogue?


    58. Maybe now is not the best time to have a deep and meaningful chat, Emily, you know, when you’re waiting for A.D. to show up?!

    59. Sure, let the pregnant woman chase after the criminal mastermind, nothing can go wrong here.

    60. This baby better survive, I’m not putting up with this dumb stolen eggs plotline just to have it end with sad Emily and Ali bonding over the loss of their baby.

    61. Lol Aria is NOT as smooth as A.D., bumbling around and banging into shit. She’d make a terrible A.D. Safe to say, it’s not her then.

    62. I hope they catch her. Imagine that confrontation.

    63. Ezra’s story makes him seem like a really shitty person tbh. “Oh yeah, I wrote this book about my long lost love Nicole, and she’s back, but now I’m engaged to Aria, who I co-wrote the book with, and who also happens to be my former student.” What a catch.

    64. I still don’t get why Aria didn’t just tell the other Liars what A.D. was trying to get her to do. HAVE THESE GIRLS LEARNED NOTHING?!?!

    65. Oh right, no, they haven’t.

    66. “There’s no way whoever was at that school could beat us back here.” Why not though? They literally ran away from you, i.e. had a head start?

    67. Spencer is very much onto Aria. I’m here for it.


    68. I relate to Hanna, I too am looking for my receipts because I. Marlene said every episode would have ANSWERS and yet… ?

    69. Hanna has more loyalty to Spencer than Spencer ever did to Hanna tbh.

    70. God it stresses me out that these people never wear gloves.

    71. “There’ll be nothing to find,” says Caleb, apart from his fingerprints all over the boxes.

    72. How iconic that Emily and Ali thought Mona was actually A.D. Those fkn idiots.

    73. Of course Lucas is sneaking around the hotel. He is dodgy AF.

    74. But also maybe he’s just here to meet someone innocently? This is one of the only places in Rosewood that people can come to hang out.

    75. Lmao why did Marco’s pissed off voice sound like the caller from Scream.

    76. “HELLOOOO SIDNEY… I mean Spencer.”

    77. Is she… is she blackmailing a cop now?

    78. What is Lucas looking for so desperately?

    79. I feel like we just missed a scene, why are they all so adamant now that it’s him? This is all going too fast.

    80. Also, we know it’s not him, it’s too easy. Let’s skip ahead, plz.

    81. Imagine if he were A.D. though, they’re just so chill about confronting him.

    82. Like bitches, bring some weapons or something, idk.

    83. LOL @ Lucas being under attack but still correcting them on the fact it’s a graphic novel.

    84. Wait… Charlotte tortured the Liars because Lucas wrote her emails about how Ali was mean to him?

    85. None of this makes sense.

    86. The real idiot here is me, for expecting it to actually make sense after all this time. I guess I’m the one who never learns.


    87. Ugh is Lucas about to tell Hanna he’s in love with her?

    88. No? Phew.

    89. But how is he so sure she never doubted him? Is he… maybe… watching them?

    90. Wait, is Hanna still living in like Lucas’ loft still? How is that a thing if he’s broke? Where does he live? God this show messes me up, I can’t keep up.

    91. Pretty sure these girls were all sent to jail for much less evidence than Fury has against Spencer.

    92. Alison is now saying that she’s been in love with EMILY this WHOLE TIME and that’s why none of her other relationships worked???

    93. I feel like her relationship with Rollins’ didn’t work for like… a lot of other reasons tbh.

    94. OK so Ali may be ready, but Emily’s been single again for a hot second, how is she ready?

    95. Remember when Ali was a totally cruel, cold, manipulative bitch to Emily? REMEMBER?!?!

    96. I mean Emily deserves happiness but why does it have to be with Ali?

    97. Bring back Maia from the dead 2k17.

    98. Shut your trap Aria you got yourself into this mess, you lost the right to whinge about it.

    99. Oh cool so now A.D.’s a comic book artist as well as a computer genius? Fab.


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