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    19 Tips For Anyone Who Dreams Of Road-Tripping In The USA

    Camp for free, and save that money for snacks and coffee.

    A road trip around the USA is one of those bucket-list things that everyone should do at least once.

    1. Find free places to camp.

    2. Download offline maps before you go anywhere.

    3. Buy a jug of water and refill it where you can.

    4. Keep your cups and reuse them.

    5. Wet wipes are your best friend.

    6. Pick up cheap camping gear from Walmart.

    7. Or make your car comfortable with a mattress topper.

    8. Shower in aquatic centres.

    9. A picnic blanket takes things up a level.

    10. Use Couchsurfing to make friends along the way.

    11. Research the hell out of everything.

    12. But don't get too set in your itinerary.

    13. Don't fill up at the first gas station you see.

    14. Charge up your devices at Starbucks.

    15. You don't have to rely on mainstream car rentals.

    16. Check a car's fuel efficiency before renting.

    17. Find out about national park access.

    18. Stock up on snacks when you see a Walmart or cheap grocery store.

    19. And keep in mind: You're gonna need cash.