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11 Hacks That Will Make Your Road Trip Significantly Less Stressful

Road trips should be about the journey, not the anxiety.

1. Wear sunscreen, especially on your window-facing arm.

2. Roll up a towel or T-shirt for the lumbar support.

3. Download some of your favorite music for the car.

4. Get lost in a great podcast series.

5. Download audiobooks of memoirs for a personal chat with your favorite celeb.

6. Make a detour for the scenic route.

7. Bring a multi-charger for the car.

8. Look up local restaurants instead of fast food.

9. Download an app to help find cheap gas and highway stops.

10. Screenshot directions if you're limited on space and can't download the full map.

11. Don't be afraid to veer away from your itinerary.

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