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11 Hacks That Will Make Your Road Trip Significantly Less Stressful

Road trips should be about the journey, not the anxiety.

1. Wear sunscreen, especially on your window-facing arm.

It's easy to forget about the sun when you're in a car, but the roof only blocks out some of those rays. Slap a lil' SPF on and keep the color on both your arms even.

2. Roll up a towel or T-shirt for the lumbar support.

After sitting in the car for hours on end, your back will thank you.

3. Download some of your favorite music for the car.

You might go through patches without cell service, so streaming your favorite bops might not always work. Download albums and playlists, and rock out without worry.

4. Get lost in a great podcast series.

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Find a podcast you can get hooked on and binge the series. Here's a list of podcast episodes to get you started.

5. Download audiobooks of memoirs for a personal chat with your favorite celeb.

Hear the real-life stories told by the real-life people themselves, like Lose Well by Chris Gethard, Becoming by Michele Obama, or Bossypants by Tina Fey.

6. Make a detour for the scenic route.

If you're not rushing to be somewhere, get off the freeway and take in some of the natural world. If anything, it's a great excuse to stretch your legs.

7. Bring a multi-charger for the car.

Avoid hearing the question, "Your phone's at 50%. Can I steal the charger?" Everyone in the car will be grateful.

8. Look up local restaurants instead of fast food.

It's a great way to support small businesses while feasting on a meal you can't get anywhere else.

9. Download an app to help find cheap gas and highway stops.

Don't panic about where the next stop with gas will be or when you can stop to pee. Download an app like this one to cover all your bases.

10. Screenshot directions if you're limited on space and can't download the full map.

You won't have service the whole trip. If you're limited on space on your phone, screenshot the directions. If you have the storage, you can download the whole map for your route so it's available offline.

11. Don't be afraid to veer away from your itinerary.

Some of the best road-trip stories come from taking the wrong exit or diverting from your schedule. Be open and willing to let your plans change a bit.

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