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    Posted on 1 Jul 2018

    19 Behind-The-Scenes Moments From The 2018 Logie Awards

    Sandra Sully the hustler and Hamish Blake doing up shoes.

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    1. Carrie Bickmore's daughter watched from home.

    How cute is this! Carrie’s daughter Evie watching her Mum and Dad on the TV! ❤️🏆 #Logies #TVWeekLogies

    2. Osher Günsberg and Tom Gleisner enjoyed Hughsy's opening monologue.

    Table 1 means you sit next to Tom and have a giant @dhughesy behind you... #logies #tvweeklogies

    3. Osher shared this sweet moment from The Living Room cast.

    Moment ls before glory... I love these guys so much. #tvweeklogies

    4. And kept us updated on his vegan meal.

    5. The Wentworth stars had fun.

    Logies time with the Mustangs! ❤️❤️@TVWEEKmag #tvweeklogies

    6. As did the ladies of Love Child.

    7. Lisa Wilkinson was very happy to be sat next to Wilmer Valderrama.

    @lisa_wilkinson / Via

    "Ok, so don’t hate me, but I totally scored the best seat at the #TVWeekLogies."

    8. The Studio 10 hosts shared a selfie.

    Table talkin’. #TVWeekLogies ⁦@Studio10au⁩

    9. Honey Badger held a Logie.

    10. Hamish Blake fixed Denise Drysdale's shoe.

    Instagram: @georgiealove

    11. The fog from Conrad Sewell's performance spilled all the way into the audience.

    Instagram: @olympiavalance

    12. Sandra Sully collected bets from the Channel 10 team.

    Queen @Sandra_Sully running our #logies18 book. #gambleresponsibly

    13. Rove hung out with some deadset legends.

    Legends...and some guy on the left. #tvweeklogies #sixtyminutes #negsy

    14. Nollsie bypassed his Instagram stories and just uploaded a vid to his feed.

    15. Leila McKinnon fangirled over her table mate.

    Instagram: @leilamckinnon

    16. Literally eeeeveryone in the audience Instagrammed Kelly Rowland's performance.

    17. Liz Cantor gave us a peek at the menu.

    Instagram: @lizcantor

    18. Robert Irwin hung out on the red carpet with a snake.

    Having a great time with one of our Pythons on the red carpet at the #TvWeekLogies ⭐️🐍

    19. And the Married At First Sight girls got their drink on, even though it looked like they weren't sitting in the actual room.

    Instagram: @hotlikeasunrise

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